Harry Truman loved Key West and Key West loves Harry Truman.

Truman spent 175 days visiting Key West over a span of 11 trips. His place of residence each time the small white building which has become known as the Harry S Truman Little White House. Set on a tree shaded lovely lawn on grounds surrounded by the beauty of Truman Annex.

Today, an historical site visited by thousands annually.

A man instrumental in the preservation and operation of The Little White House is Robert Wolz. Executive Director. A position he has held since 1999.

Wolz is a person you don’t know is about. Quiet. Efficient. Dependable. Responsible. He takes excellent care of The Little White House.

Wolz’s life spans many years in Key West. He was General Manager of Historic Tours of America for 14 years from 1985-1999 before taking over The Little White House for what is now 19 years.

During those years, he found time to offer assistance in an advisory capacity  to various groups. The Sons of Union Veterans for 50 years and the Boy Scouts of America for 18 years.

Time is what you make it. He authored or co-authored several books. Included are Grand Army Men: The GAR and Its Male Organizations, Presidents in Paradise, and Israel and the Legacy of Harry S Truman.

Take the time while visiting The Little White House to say hello to Wolz. He will be happy to meet you.

Spent my yesterday researching and writing. Did a 4 minute segment for Key West Lou Live on Facebook. A tirade concerning Afghanistan and heroin.

The evening began with the Blue Macaw. Spent pleasant time visiting with friends. Among them, Alisia, John and Fiona, Angie, and Mary.

Then to the Chart Room. Packed. I knew no one. Got a drink and went to a table in the back. Watched the second half of Connecticut/Iowa. Connecticut was not the same team that beat Syracuse the night before. Whereas twelve 3 pointers went in for Connecticut in the Syracuse game, very few found the basket last night.

Iowa looked especially good. Has the makings of a top 10 team.

On the way home, my stomach began growling. I was hungry. Stopped at Sandy’s Cafe for a cheese toast with tomato.

One of the reasons I have lost 62 pounds in a year is that I keep next to no food in the house. Cupboard was bare again last night. After Sandy’s stopped at Publix to pick up a couple of items. Not much. Bill under $10.

Cool last night. Actually, cold. Wore a heavy shirt over a tee shirt while out. Temperature dropped to 70 during the night. I was buried under a quilt.

Those of you freezing up north, laugh not. Key West’s temperature dropped 15 degrees in one day.

A dinner fit for Kings tonight! Stone crabs! A group of us are going to Conch Republic. We’ll begin with oysters and then move on to the stone crabs.

Speaking of stone crabs, I continue to live and learn.

Whenever I go to Miami, I generally stay overnight. On the way up and on the way back, I stop in Islamorada for lunch or dinner. At the Islamorada Fish Company.

Great stone crabs!

The business sits in a large building on US 1. Inside, they sell great sports clothes and fishing tackle items. Reasonably priced. In the back, there is a large pond that separates the restaurant from the building. The restaurant portion sits on a huge dock on the ocean. The view outstanding! As good as the stone crabs.

The pond runs under the restaurant. Fish swim in and out.

I was unaware till yesterday that the pond is a meeting place for tarpon. They have been visiting for years. The pond has become known as Tarpon Pond. The tarpon have adjusted themselves to visit at the same time each day to be fed by visitors.

Never saw them, never fed them.

Big football game this afternoon. Syracuse and Notre Dame. Game of the week. On NBC at 2:30. Being played in Yankee Stadium.

Notre Dame is 10-0, Syracuse 8-2. Notre Dame ranked #3, Syracuse #12. Notre Dame a 10.5 point favorite.

The college game of the week. Syracuse can win. Hope they do. I have lost enough orange blood this week with the Syracuse basketball team’s 2 losses.

Enjoy your day!

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