With all due respect,  local Key West governments sometimes operate with their heads up their asses!

Two incidents of note for today.

The first involves Key West parking. The City Commission has decreed a new residential parking program which goes into effect October 1. Basically, residents will be able to park. Non-residents will have to go through hell.

I live 2.5 miles outside Key West on an island called Key Haven. I drive into Key West every day two times. Lunch time for a couple of hours. Then in the evening for drinks, dinner and fun. I spend money on both occasions.

I do not want to have to walk long distances nor pay what I consider an exorbitant fee to park.

Then there is my friend Jimmy. He has a small but active painting business. Himself, his wife Joanie and John. Jimmy paints homes and commercial buildings inside and out in Key West. He drives a beat up old van. Carries his ladders on top. Jimmy wants to know where he will park. Jimmy thinks the new parking plan is a scam for the City to take in more money.

Jimmy is astute. He approached me with a solution last night. He said…..Remember that movie with Santa Claus where the judge said….. if the Post Office thought the guy was Santa Claus, he was Santa Claus…..the Post Office is an agency of the United States government…..the United States therefore thinks he is Santa Claus…..that is good enough for me.

Jimmy lives on Stock Island. Even closer to Key West than me. Less than a mile out.

His mail and mine bear a Key West address. After our specific street and numbers, the mail for those residing in Key West and out is addressed: Key West, Florida 33040. Jimmy’s statement simply stated…..If it’s good enough for the Post Office, it should be good enough for the Key West City Commission.

The other problem involves the Monroe County Commission. In their divine wisdom, they have decided that public employees (County employees) should not smoke. They have passed a law which is in the process of going into effect. No County employee may smoke. Not even at home. There will be cigarette testing similar to drug testing. Pee in a cup. Get caught with tobacco product in your urine and you will be fined. Worse? I don’t know.

The County Commissioners say it will save on insurance premiums. Taxpayers of the County should not have to pay for a higher cost of health insurance because of those who get sick from smoking.

Hear this from Louis. The law will never pass muster in court.

Finis. So much for preaching.

Enjoy your day!

7 comments on “KEY WEST MIRACLE ON 34th STREET?????

  1. Hi Lou. Sloan here. I had to put my two cents in as well. I am with your painter friend. I work downtown as well. I am clueless to where I am going to park especially during season. Konk Life reported there are only 60-70 unmarked spaces for the “non-residents”. How many people work downtown and live in New Town, which is only a mile away? These people don’t have extra money to spend on parking. Pay for parking when I’m a resident of Key West! I agree. Another way for the city to get money…Sad….thanks City of Key West.

  2. Parking. I guess if we can not continue to park in the overflow, we won’t spending as much time in town as we usually do. That may make a couple folks happy.[smiley face]

    Smoking. As much of an anti-smoker as I am, Its ridiculous to ban any employee from such an activity at any time. So, they also think a urine test can distinguish between chewing and smoking or anything else ingested that contains nicotine or tar, etc ? I wouldn’t think this has any chance of passing.

    But, dumbass decisions aren’t just made by Key West bureaucrats, even though they make their share of them. It tends to be common practice today wherever it may be.

  3. You don’t want to walk long distances huh. Well those of us who live down town are tired of walking 3 blocks with our groceries because of all the people who park illegally and parking enforcement does nothing. This is not a perfect solution but a step in the right direction. If you ever sell your house in key haven and move to old down, you will be complaining that you have no where to park. It’s easy to criticize the city, not easy to fix the problem.

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