A day of days. June 6, 1944. D-Day!

Today is the seventieth anniversary of that memorable day. The Allied invasion of Europe.

Wars and the folks back home do not appear to be the same today. Everyone was into World War II. It was part of everyone’s life. Our soldiers were heroes when they returned home. We did not need television to tell us. Emotion and warmth for our soldiers was common place.

Today, things do not feel the same. We seem to take wars for granted. Perhaps we have been in too many. The enthusiasm here in the States is not the same. Perhaps with time, people change.

June 6 has another significance. My Cousin Rose.

Rose died three years ago following a difficult cancer battle. Today would have been her 69th birthday. She is in my mind. We grew up together. She lived second floor front and I third floor front in the Petrone family home. We played together daily.

Rose became a Catholic nun. Did she get into it! She was one of the first to throw off the habit and dress in civilian clothes. She moved out of the convent and into a poor Syracuse neighborhood. She spent her life living amongst those who needed help on a daily basis.

I miss her.

Yesterday, no blog. Sorry. My plate was full. A busy day. Non stop from 7:30 in the morning to 10 at night. No way could I have gotten out a blog of any decency. Ergo, I opted not to do one at all.

Last night was our second bocce party. The big one last week, the smaller one last night. For the five teams that have an inner league and a side bet of their own. Ball Busterz won the inner league battle.

The party as usual was at Don’s Place. One of the best parties yet! Company and food outstanding. Everyone had a good time. Even me.

We had an additional competition last night. Bocce played on a pool table. I will not go into the details. My partner was David. We made it to the semi finals. Fun!

I did the gym routine for the fourth time wednesday. Survived! My trainer Albert is beating the hell out of me. Tough! Pushes me to the limit. Carefully. I could not believe what he had me doing in only our fourth meeting.

Later this morning, I hope to go to the gym and spend some time on the tread mill.

Enjoy your day!


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