Remember the badly injured turtle I wrote about a couple of weeks ago? The one that was all wrapped up in fishing line, had lost one flipper and was close to losing the other. Well, he is alive and thriving at the Turtle Hospital in Marathon. His condition is reported as guarded but improving.

Hospital staff have named him Yertle.

Yertle found the Turtle Hospital, the hospital did not find him. He showed up one day in the boat basin outside the hospital.

Now comes Mack. First time I am discussing Mack. Mack showed up later the same day in the boat basin. Mack is a baby green turtle. Wrapped in fishing line, also. He was spotted with binoculars. It took two weeks to capture him.

Mack’s problem is he has tumors over his eyes. He is not responding well. He is scheduled to be seen by a veterinary ophthalmologist.

Only three patients have ever found their way into the Turtle Hospital via the boat basin. Yertle and Mack on the same day. The boat basin has become the waiting room for those seeking admission.

Slept late this morning. Till 7:30. Why, I do not know. However happy to get the extra sleep time. Woke to a beautiful sun shiny gold morning. Sparkling blue waters and sky. The slightest trace of a breeze. You can’t beat it!

I walked yesterday morning. Only a half hour. A little bit at a time.

Screwed off in the afternoon. Had no ambition. Laid around and watched TV. I am already one day late in submiting next week’s KONK Life column. Guy de Boer will be on my ass. I have to get it out this afternoon.

Last night at the Chart Room was special. Met Gary Sadler for the first time. The meeting was prearranged by us.

Gary reads this blog! Already on my hit parade list! He also reads the blogs of several other Key Westers. He is enamoured with Key West.

Gary hails from Nashville, Tennessee. He is an anesthesia assistant. Married to Barbara. He and Barbara are parents to two daughters. All are here for a three week stay at the Galleon. Gary bought his time shares way back when the Galleon first opened.

He and his wife love Key West. I can see them settling here when the time comes.

I enjoyed out discussion. Gary appeared to be especially interested in local politics. We talked of restaurants and bars and a multitude of other things. We hit it off! We liked each other and plan to have dinner together before his three weeks run out.

Emily was bartending. Per her usual custom, she was quick to correct me if I misspoke even the slightest when talking with Gary. My conscience! How did I get along before Emily?

Sheila came in and sat with us for a while. Her cheery self.

I walked over to Kelley’s for dinner. Wings. The best in Key West. On the walk back passed the Bull. The place only a third full. Decided to stop in for a drink.

The same blond woman who has sung there for years was entertaining. Some people dancing.

You have to have visit the Bull to appreciate it. It is from another time. Probably during and after World War II when the Navy was stationed in Key West. A bit dark inside. Poor lighting. I always get the feeling that some part of it, perhaps the upstairs, had been a house of ill repute back then.

Enjoy your day!


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  1. Thanks again for agreeing to meet me Lou, I really enjoy our time together (Emily was a hoot!) and I look forward to our dinner.

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