We are already 6-7 weeks into the bocce season. Until last night, our team had not won one match. Don’t ask me why. None of us know. We are not that bad. It just has not worked for us till last night. Our team won all three games.

I did not play because of my back. I sat and cheered the team on. Plus, two players from the opposing team.

Last night was unique. Florida schools are on vacation this week. Kids and their parents traveling all over the State. My Robert and Ally are in Cape Coral visiting the other set of grandparents.

Only one player showed up for the other team. An automatic win for us. However, the player had a visiting friend and his two children. Visiting from Point St. Lucie. Our team agreed to let the visitors play. Including the children.

I have to mention the visitors were black. Normally, it would make no difference and I would not mention color. However, last night it contributed to what was an All American evening.

Emma is 9 and her brother Julian 7. They had neither seen a bocce court nor played bocce before. They played well!

Neither bashful. Both well behaved, however. They threw like they had been playing for years. Especially, Emma. She understood the mechanics of the game immediately. She killed us! She even took the wind into consideration. There was a heavy breeze off the ocean. She yelled at one of her balls that was dying that the wind should take it. I might add she gave Hershel a hard time in the second game. She frustrated him. Hershel would throw a good shot. Emma would follow it with a better one.

Emma and Julian were kids and behaved like kids. Children having a good time. They jumped around excitedly each time something happened.

The best description of the evening…..A scene from a Norman Rockwell painting.

The big tournament moves on.

Stephanie Kaple is all excited. Would not leave me alone. Came over to our court several times to let me know Dayton was winning last night. Telephoned me when I was home in bed to tell me Dayton had won. I told her not yet. I was watching the game. There was still 2 minutes to play.

I am happy for Stephanie and her parents. May Dayton go all the way! Tomorrow night is Dayton’s hardest game so far. Florida. #1 in the country, #1 in the seeds.

Then there is my friend John Lukas. John is as much a Wisconsin fan as I am a Syracuse one. I am thrilled his team won last night, also.

There has been a war going on for several months involving sound and Duval Street. Duval is noisy. Always has been. Neighbors are complaining the noise is too much.

There is a sound ordinance. The neighbors want a tougher one.

I do not know what the Key West Commission is going to do. They have been arguing the issue for several weeks. They will do something.

My opinion is the neighbors should not complain. They should put their tails between their legs and back off. When they purchased their homes, they knew they were in or close to Duval Street. They were aware of the noise coming from the bars. They should not complain at this stage.

Enjoy your day!

6 comments on “VICTORY AT LAST!

  1. The sound ordinance issue reminds me of the people who move near an airport and then complain about the noise. Know your neighborhood!

    We’re inside of 100 days before getting back to Key West in July…looking forward to getting to visit with you once again! You’ll have to come over to the condo where we’re staying for a home-cooked meal.

    Enjoyed the book greatly!

    All the best to you and yours,

    Billy and Cindy Schott
    Lakeway, Texas

  2. I find it interesting.. These “neighbors” buy and or rent a house close to the action that “MAKES” key west, key west, and then complain about the noise. Go away, leave the island and leave us alone. We love the noise, it is the lifeblood of our island..

      • One of my biggest challenges is refraining from constantly editing what I read, especially online but also in print. I don’t usually point out errors but in this case since it misnamed a place in Florida I figured you’d want to know.

        Always enjoy your blog, with or without the few errors you make 🙂

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