Friday again! Time for my TV/internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten this morning my time.

I was going to open with my thoughts on why many hate Obama. I have moved that topic to #2. The opening topic will involve International Women’s Day. Which is today.

Key West has a very limited need at best for such a holiday. Everyone is equal in Key West. A recent study named the four places in America where women earned more than men. Key West was one of them.

The celebration of the holiday in Europe and Asia is interesting. The history of the day likewise.

You can enjoy Louis’ comments regarding International Women’s Day and many other topics by viewing Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Television viewing available from Key West northward through Miami-Dade County. The show is also available worldwide via the internet.

It was Hogfish for lunch yesterday. I was playing bocce in the evening. When I play, there is no time for dinner. I try to have a larger lunch than normal to compensate.

Debra was hosting. We have become friends. She has worked in television and radio. A very knowledgable person.

It was cool even at lunch time. Hogfish had their overhead heaters on.


First time I played this season. I did good and bad.

We lost the first game decisively. We were behind in the second 14-6. Ended up losing 16-14. We had a run! I believe I blew the opportunity to win with my first shot at the end. I threw an Alice. I was way short.

I left early. I do not know the result of the last game.

Frankie played. First time since his big time heart surgery. He was my partner in the second game.

Frankie is a bit thin. He could use another 20 pounds. He appeared energetic. I worried about him. He was chasing the balls, bending over to pick them up, blasting, and so forth. I told him I would do it. He did it for me back when I was having heart problems. Frankie said no. There was nothing I could do.

My dear friend Pati came over to say hello and chastise me. She is more my liberal than I. Way to the left. She disagreed with recent environmental comments I have made. She will be on me for the next month!

I am going to have a be good to Louis day. After the show, a manicure and pedicure with Tammy! I sometimes think I should have been a woman. Women’s bodies get better attention than a man’s.

Enjoy your day!



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