It is that time of the year. Spring break time.

They are here from all over the country. Appear to be good young people. Respectful. In Key West to enjoy the freedom of being at a place distant from home and school.

Two observations.

If the young ladies wore shorts any shorter, they would be wearing nothing! Absolutely amazing! So short! Skin tight besides. I do not know how they get into them.

The other observation is I am not sure where they sleep. As I drove through Key West yesterday, most guest houses had Vacancy signs posted. Even the cheap ones. The recession must be affecting the young. I suspect they are sleeping on the beach and in cars.

I ran into a group from Georgetown again last night. I was enjoying some fish at the Southernmost Beach Cafe. A group from Georgetown were in. We chatted. I told them I was a Syracuse grad. An instantaneous dislike for me arose. Only joking!

Today is the big game! Syracuse v. Georgetown. At Georgetown. At high noon. I shall be watching the game at the Big Ten Sports Pub. I am confident a group from Georgetown will be there. A fun time for sure!

Georgetown is favored by 2-4 points. I see the game as a toss up. Syracuse could win. If so, Syracuse will have a double bye in next week’s Big East tournament and a better seeding in March Madness which is just around the corner.

The Key West Lou Legal Hour went well yesterday morning. One of the topics involved an analysis as to why Obama is so hated. I blamed the situation on his color and corporate America wanting  him replaced with a Republican.

The post show comments were overwhelming. The topic hit a sore sport in everyone’s psyche. I was moved by the interest. I had to write next week’s column for KONK Life in the afternoon. I decided to go with the Obama issue in the column. Read it if you have the opportunity. I spell out my position in detail.

You tubing has been a problem for the TV/internet show. I have not been You tubed for several weeks. Krystal and I discussed the situation. Hopefully, I will be back on starting next friday.

My evening began with the Chart Room. Surprisingly quiet. Sheila, David and Emily present.

Emily makes the best popcorn. One of the responsibilities of the bartender. I sometimes wonder whether it is the popcorn or company that draws me to the Chart Room.

There was supposed to be a comet flying across the sky 15 minutes after sunset. Supposedly in the western sky. I walked to the back of the Pier House. I looked. I waited. Stayed 20 minutes. Saw no comet. Gave up.

My next stop was Don’s Place. The early friday night group included Don, Stephanie, and David. Stayed a while and chatted.

I already stated I ate at the Southernnmost Beachside Cafe and argued Syracuse/Georgetown basketball with my new found Georgetown friends.

Three hours from now, the dramatic moment. The start of one of the biggest basketball games of the year!

Enjoy your day!



3 comments on “SPRING BREAKERS

  1. Living near and having worked in Syracuse I have to root for the Orangemen, even if it is a liberal school. But, I’ll be watching at Jack Flats with the republicans and conservatives.

  2. I’m sorry Syracuse lost, Georgetown played a better game. The Georgetown banner , to say the least, was inappropriate. Sportsmanship has changed over the years.

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