No one can deny Syracuse basketball is big in my life. So how did I miss that Arizona lost saturday?

When I walked into the Sports Pub last night to watch Syracuse/Notre Dame, John Lukas yelled out a Congratulations! For what, I asked. Syracuse is #1. How? Syracuse was voted in #1 ahead of Arizona because of the Duke win?

No, Arizona lost to California saturday night.

I live on the internet. Including the sports sites. I read the newspapers. Sundays, the Key West Citizen and New York Times. This past weekend, I failed to read the Times. The Citizen rarely carries little of national importance. There was no Arizona lost in the sunday paper.

I felt like an ass. I thought…..Louis, you are really slipping!

Then Skaneateles Dan showed up to watch the Syracuse/Notre Dame game with me. I told him how I did not know about Arizona losing. He said I should not feel bad. He had just learned that morning (monday).

Maybe its the weather in Key West.

I did not expect a Syracuse blow out last night. Syracuse had to be dragging after Duke. In addition, it is hard to get up for the next game after a big one. Syracuse won. That was all that was important.

It was a big night at the Sports Pub for Syracuse fans. Met a whole new bunch. Bob from Rochester. Shawn originally from Saquoit which is like one mile from Utica. He also was either a Town of Paris legislator or County legislator or both. Steve and Lynn from Sidney, Ohio. Snowbirds. Six months in Sidney, six months in Key West. Finally, Kathy from Ohio. She proudly showed me a picture of her and Boeheim which was taken during the Big East last year in New York.

Turns out Steve reads this blog religiously. Thank you, Steve. Hope to get to know you and Lynn better since you spend so much time in Key West.

Tonight, my blog talk radio show. Tuesday Talk with Key West Lou. Nine o’clock. An interesting and revealing half hour of current event chatter. www.blogtalkradio.com/key-west-lou.

Topics tonight will include Iceland’s 4 per cent unemployment, Mexico surpassing Japan as an auto exporter to the United States (thank General Motors for one), sport commissioner salaries similar to those of bank presidents, increasing police brutality, and more. The more is always interesting. Things will happen today that will tickle me and I will discuss them in the evening. The show evolves till show time!

Enjoy your day!


3 comments on “I’M LOSING IT

  1. Lou, i hope you can imitate a good conch dialect when you do your radio show. the conch locals would be ever so happy. what is a true conch dialect? southern plus rural new jersey i’ve been told and heard it.

  2. re conch dialect….go to the archives room at fleming st library and historian Tom Hambright will find you the book he showed me about a thesis student’s book on that subject. i have interviewed unofficially 2 conch men who speak the conch dialect.

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