Yes, Hemingway did win the Hemingway Look A-Like Contest. David Hemingway from Macon, North Carolina. Age 65. No relation to the original Hemingway.

One hundred forty Look A-Like contestants. Biggest participation yet!

Celebrity chef Paula Deen in the crowd. This was her husband’s seventh try at winning.

Never left the house yesterday. I was glued to the TV watching Democratic Convention news. Early morning and into the evening.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz should not even appear on the podium this evening. I understand she will now speak. I hope not. She will become an anchor around Hillary’s neck.

In between politics, I wrote this week’s KONK Life column. Bagels. A history of bagels. The article takes the reader from King Jadwiga to Krakow to 100,000 Ottoman Turks to King John III Sobieski to the Bagel Bakers Local #338 to the Lender family to Cleveland bagels. A trip covering several hundred years.

Mini lobster season this week! Wednesday and thursday. Thousands will come to Key West to dive for lobsters.

I remember the first time I dove for lobsters. About 20 years ago. I went down. Saw two sets of tentacles coming out from under a rock shelf. I rushed back up and yelled to my experienced friends on the boat that I had found two of the biggest lobsters ever. I could hear their laughs as I dove back to capture my prizes.

Brought them up. They looked awfully small. Measured them. Too small. Had to throw them back.

It was then I learned the water magnifies everything.

My friends laughed at me. I took it in stride. The best was yet to come.

At some point, the boat was driven about a 100 feet off some small key and the anchor dropped. No other boats or people than us. I jumped in the water with several others. The water was waist high. Others on the boat were cooking the lobsters on a small cook out grill.

Cooked lobster tails dripping in butter were handed over the side to those of us in the water. A beer in one hand and the lobster in the other, I feasted. When done, I dunked my entire body underwater to wash off the sweat and also the butter which had dripped on my torso.

The story tells the reason why thousands will be out during the mini lobster season. Everyone enjoys it as I did.

The hospital/community war ongoing. I sense progress. The Citizens Committee is doing a terrific job. I sense the hospital owners are concerned by some steps already taken to remedy problems.

This is not a war for politicians to get involved in. They screw things up and delay resolution.

Ward is a candidate for State Attorney. He wants present State Attorney Vogel to conduct a grand jury investigation, issue subpoenas, etc.

I know neither candidate. However, Ward’s position is reason enough not to vote for him. A prosecutor has to know when to exercise authority. Politics and law should not be mixed for political expediency.

Paul Krugman is a New York Times columnist. A far to the left liberal. He recently wrote  re Trump and Putin: “If elected, would Trump be Vladimir Putin’s man in the White House?”

I am off to Body Owners shortly to do the anti-gravity treadmill. The afternoon will be consumed with business matters. Until 4 when I will be at Rich and Cindy Boettger’s home for cocktails. Then to Aqua for the Dueling Bartenders.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Well, your girl is supposed to speak today and I certainly hope she does. Since the rumor is that hillary has already hired her I’m hoping she will become more than an anchor strapped to her neck.

    Either hillary is so used to being a criminal and getting away with it that she just doesn’t care, or, maybe Debbie knows more than we do and needs to be kept from going public. All I know is that I’m making popcorn and sitting back to watch.

    • LOL! I just told my husband the same thing! The popcorn will be popping here early, pull up a seat and watch the show. Looks like DWS has been pulled from any role as she was totally booed this am when she attempted to speak to the Florida delegation. Very rough reception and bad optics. It was right after that they announced she’s not doing anything. They won’t risk it. John podesta himself was blaming Obama for not removing duplicitous debbie months ago and leaving it for HRC to do. Podesta negotiated her exit, hence her being hired by the Clinton campaign. DWS may end up getting primaried, ala Eric cantor. Couldn’t happen to a better person.

  2. “Paul Krugman is a New York Times columnist. A far to the left liberal. He recently wrote re Trump and Putin: “If elected, would Trump be Vladimir Putin’s man in the White House?”

    It is pretty obvious that Putin wants Trump as he knows he can manage him, weaken NATO and therefore have his way in Europe. The Trump will believe he made a “Huge” deal just like he did in Atlantic City.

    The FBI is looking into the DNC email leaks as it appears a foreign power (i.e. Vlad’s Russia) was directly behind the hack and therefore interfering in US elections. If this happened to the RNC they’d be screaming for an “investigation” by Congress, the DOD, CIA and FBI.

    Cause we all know the RNC is squeaky clean and never tried anything to undermine Donald J Trump’s candidacy.

  3. Louis, if we could only get Debbie Blabbermouth-Shultz out of Florida, out of USA, our country would be better off. Louis, buy her a one-way ticket out of here off to somewhere far and isolated. haha

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