One week prostitution. The next bagels. Love it!

Bagels is the title of this week’s KONK Life column which publishes Wednesday. From whence they came, those responsible for their discovery/invention, leading types, dollar sales, etc.

Boring, not. Interesting, yes.

I spent yesterday afternoon researching. Took longer than anticipated. Sufficiently long that I missed the Running of the Bulls at 1 and Hemingway Look A-Likes at 5:30.

The game plan was to start researching earlier than normal. Which I did. then sneak downtown for the running of the bulls. Return home and work the rest of the afternoon on bagels. Assumed I would finish in time to get back into town for the Look A-Like contest. I attended neither event.

Watched Hillary introduce VP candidate Tim Kaine. A great choice! Straight forward, honest, caring, Spanish speaking, humorous, etc. Going to make a hell of a candidate!

Last night was Tavern ‘n Town. Looked forward to listening to Bobby Nesbitt sing.

I parked in the hotel garage. Nearby, the Marriott has four electric cables hooked up to charge electric vehicles. Seldom are any parked there.

Last night, four. Brand new. Shiny. No license plates.

I could not figure out the make. The emblems meant nothing to me.

Bob Frechette having dinner with friends. Exchanged hellos and a brief conversation. He and Lynda are in Cleveland for the summer. He is back for a few days to take care of some business matters. We agreed to get together for dinner this week.

Two political observations.

Again, Tim Kaine impressed me. He will be a great asset to the campaign. His values and Spence’s are diametrically opposed. Will make for an interesting campaign.

The Wikileak of 20,000 DNC e-mails evidenced shocking information. The DNC was working in Hillary’s best interests and not Sanders. Disgusting!

I listened to Sanders this morning re the revelation. He basically says I told you so several months ago. He went on to add he supports Clinton and will be working to defeat Trump.

Sanders could cause all kinds of trouble for Hillary at the moment. He has opted not to be a Ted Cruz.  He is a class act.

Experts are saying Russia is behind the hacking. Putin in the past has said kind words about Trump. Perhaps Putin is working behind the scenes to help Trump win. Probably because he believes he can handle Trump easily.

Enjoy your Sunday!



  1. Tim Kaine waffles more than hillary. He sticks his finger in the breeze and says what that particular crowd wants to hear, even more so than hillary.
    The Trump camp should have a lot of fun with him.

    Anyone that wasn’t aware the DNC [ and liberal media] was fully in hillary’s corner just wasn’t paying attention.

  2. “Watched Hillary introduce VP candidate Tim Kaine. A great choice! Straight forward, honest, caring, Spanish speaking, humorous, etc. Going to make a hell of a candidate!”

    Time Kaine was a very popular Governor in this swing state, even with his mixed views on abortion due to his faith. As for waffling, I believe every candidate waffles somewhat and perhaps Kaine is no exception. But he is much better suited to lead a diverse America than “Just say No” and “No again” Pence.

    Putin believes Trump would be a disaster for the USA and NATO, no other explanation for his tacit support. Trump’s mouth seems to have a life of its own and yaps on when not obviously connected to any brain.

    • Jerry (from Virginia)

      Research Kaine and his different ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. Maybe you will change your mind about him.

      • What? Because he dared to stand-up to beloved Israel? Part of our foreign policy blindness is that there is blame on all side sin the middle east.

        My question is why the h#ll are we even doing anything in the middle east or most anywhere else? We have enough problems in North America and should stop trying to police the world. But I guess the Neocons and their defense contractors would not be happy with that policy.

  3. Well, you’re left of center and I’m a bit to the right. Nothing is about to change that, is it. And no one is about to change the ‘way left’ opinions of the owner of this blog. It is interesting to read at times as well as maybe even having a laugh. Liberal thinking just mystifies me but generally makes for interesting conversation especially when the alcohol is flowing.

    • Have you actually read what little information is on Trump’s website. There is nothing there but the makings of a massive deficit creation though his tax scheme. Check TheStreet website for an article on what Trump would do to our deficit. The breakdown is terrifying. The Street is hardly a lefty organization. Only a realistic one. I’m afraid that Trump is a disaster and for some reason people wish to suspend reality when it comes to him.

      • Patrick…..A bit right of center? Come on!
        end quote

        Actually yes. At least thats how I see it.
        I’m basically a libertarian depending on which definition you use. I’m just a political fiscal conservative. Maybe that makes me seem far right to some.

        I’ve been tested, I take the internet tests for what they’re worth and am surprised at how liberal they think I am. So much for the internet.

  4. Im a native Virginian and always viewed Kane as nothing more than a carpetbagger, just like mcauliffe. I’m pleased as I think he does absolutely nothing for HRC. Kaine is a major suck up, and if you think he’s great it’s because you are uninformed as the media is in the tank for HRC. The hypocrisy of prosecuting bob McDonnell when Kaine was guilty of the same gift issues. I’m thrilled, however. For the first time, I think trump came beat them like a drum.

    • I’m a native Virginia myself and actually there is a great big factual difference between Kaine and McDonnell on the gifts issue. The difference, the law!

      When Kaine was Governor Virginia law did not prohibit gifts to politicians. This is the Old Dominion as you know so why should the politicians limit themselves? The only requirement was total disclosure of all gifts which Kaine did for a total of 162 grand mainly in political travel.

      McDonnell was different. He accepted over 250 grand for political travel as Governor and Attorney General and disclosed those gifts per the law. The gifts that got him in trouble with federal prosecutors were the undisclosed ones for a Rolex, wedding catering, etc. The Supreme Court called these gifts “distasteful” but not illegal under corruption law as no “official acts” were involved.

      So, the gift issue is a dead horse, sorry Kaine is a great guy and no Republican trash throwing will change that.

  5. Louis, you should not be impressed with Kaine. He has a mean and hungry look. Beware. Oh, I forgot – you are a libdem, so even crooks Kaine and Hillary are OK with you. Libdem Louis. haha

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