Insanity rears its ugly head once more. The word now is that Sandy Hook never occurred. Just like the Holocaust never occurred. Military families on food stamps. $8.5 trillion (equal to half the national debt) missing/unexplained from Department of Defense and Pentagon budgets. Mega corporations receiving benefits under Farm Law need not be identified. Americans starting to push back against government. JP Morgan to lay off thousands more because their mortgage business has not returned.

These and other revealing topics will be discussed on my blog talk radio show this evening. You will enjoy! Nine o’clock. A quick half hour.

Last night was Syracuse basketball again. I am becoming exasperated. I do not understand. Syracuse is an excellent team. The announcers mentioned several times that Syracuse would be a #1 seed in the big tournament. Yet Syracuse had to play hard with their fingers crossed the last few minutes of the game last night against Maryland. Syracuse won 57-55. Maryland is not ranked and had lost 12 games going into the fray.

Syracuse was leading at one point  in the first half by 11. With six minutes to go in the game, Syracuse was up by 11 once more.

This has not been an easy season for Syracuse nor me nor Syracuse’s many other fans. Please Lord, let Syracuse blow out the opposition in one of these games!

Saturday, it is Virginia. A top ranked team, also. Virginia has lost only 1 game in the ACC. Syracuse, 2. Without question, it will be a good game. Close.

It was 104.9 time at the Sports Pub where I watched the game. The radio team did not broadcast. They were at John Lukas’ place enjoying food, drink and the game.

Skip is 104.9’s premier talk show host. The best! You can catch him most evenings from 6-10. He brought his boss with him. The owner of 104.9. Stephen Butler.

An interesting figure. We talked a while. A self made man. Nationally, he owns six radio stations. He is involved in many other successful business ventures. Key West should be pleased he noted the value of our community and invested in it.

Word has it that Dollar Trees is going to open another Key West store in Habana Plaza on Flagler. I am going to complain. Habana Plaza is where Tammy has her business. It is where I get my manicures and pedicures. Parking has been tough since  City Hall moved into the Plaza. It is going to be impossible with Dollar Trees there.

There was a note in the Key West Citizen this morning that in 1913 the 16th amendment to the Constitution went into effect. The amendment gave Congress the right to levy income taxes.

The 16th amendment was not the first time the American people were confronted with an income tax. Lincoln had one imposed during the Civil War. He said he needed it to pay for the Civil War. After the war, the income tax was dropped.

I wish Bush 2 had found a way to increase taxes during the Iraqi War. He fought it, but did not pay for it. It is one of the reasons the national debt is so high.

My book The World Upside Down continues to be available for purchase. and If you enjoy this blog, my blog talk radio show,  and former TV show, you will enjoy the book. Buy it! If you did not, don’t waste your money.

Enjoy the day!





  1. Our taxes, federal, state and local are all ready much too high. However for those of you that feel we should pay more, I encourage you to write your additional donations to the treasury..
    Hmmm? I wonder if those donations would be tax deductible ?

  2. i believe this was already in the military budget (I wish Bush 2 had found a way to increase taxes during the Iraqi War. He fought it, but did not pay for it. It is one of the reasons the national debt is so high.)

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