What a winter! Key West weather has been better than usual. Spectacular!

Today, the temperature will be in the low 80s by day and low 70s by night. The days are warm with a touch of humidity. The evenings cool. Sleep with the windows open type.

It is blissfully calm at the moment. Nothing moving. No breeze. The water and palm trees still. The sun shining brightly on the multicolored MTV house across the way.

Another bad night last night! The audio for my blog talk radio show. I was advised by several it was choppy again. The past two weeks were good. I thought we had the problem licked. Apparently not. Back to the drawing board!

Some parts of the show did get through clearly. Post show comments indicate the Sandy Hook story generated the most feedback. Many concerned.There are nuts out there that are saying Sandy Hook did not occur. It was a put up job by the government and media to get better gun legislation.

If so, where did those twenty angels buried in Sandy Hook cemeteries come from?

Bad people, demented people, abound in every society.

My day was simple. A meeting downtown in the morning. The rest of the day spent at home organizing last night’s show which did not go through well. A lasagna dinner at Roostica. The show.

I have been on police enforcement’s ass of late. I believe cops have gotten too mighty (in their minds) and have deviated from proper paths. The courts too are a bit off also in that they seem to support the police when the police step out of line.

Be that as it may, something happened in Chicago last week that warrants telling. A 13 year old boy had left school with about 15 of his classmates. Lots of snow. A police car was parked nearby with the window open. The officer seated inside. One of the kids threw a snowball at the car/officer. The officer claims it hit his arm. The 13 year old says it was not him and, in any event, the snowball did not hit the police officer. It hit the car.

The 13 year old has been charged with a felony: Aggravated battery to a police officer.

Come on! The charge is heavy handed. What happened to the police officer getting out of the car and admonishing the kids. Better to have put the fear of God in them rather than arrest one with such a serious charge.

The 13 year old has never been in trouble, is a good student, has never been arrested, and is not part of a Chicago gang.

Enjoy your day!


  1. The kid should be charged!! Kids these days dont fear authority
    Or a good admonishing, because for the most they do not suffer the
    Consequences. Throwing a snowball at a cop is completely disrespectful
    And yelling at him will only make him laugh with his friends.

  2. Aslo, Vanilla Ice, a talentlezs hack to start with, waas at that time way for the downsde of his undeserved success.
    Cecot, 18, of Irvine and Kyle Roger Crott, 18,
    of Riverside. Abusers do use fear as his or heer catalyst
    for obedience, the threats to hurt family meembers andd pets is common.

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