Sandyy a WOW!

I was hooked on the storm. Stayed in last night glued to the TV. Went to bed. Could not sleep. I was up all night following the storm.

What can I say? What can anyone say? A major disaster. Most people seem to be handling the storm effectively from the President to local fire fighters.

I was particularly impressed with New Jersey’s Governor Christie. He was on the front lines. On TV last night, he was soaking wet from the rain. I am beginning to think he is a class guy. He gave President Obama credit for his help thus far. No politics here. One responsible person helping another. A responsible person acknowledging the help.

Apparently, Atlantic City’s Mayor Langford screwed up. He told Atlantic City residents not to evacuate. Instead, he sent them to shelters. Christie was pissed off big time at the Mayor’s action.

There are many stories coming to our attention this morning on a rapid basis.

One spoke tons about Sandy’s strength. Sandy picked up railroad box cars from a siding and dumped them on the New Jersey Turnpike. Christie said cranes were working this morning to lift them off the highway.

Key West has a reputation for hurricanes. In my time here, I have never seen anyuthing to compare to Sandy. The last big time destructive hurricane was the category 5 1935 one which leveled Key West.

I did get out and about a bit yesterday.

Started with a noon manicure at Lee Nails. Love Tammy! Her poor husband was walking around with a soft cast on the bottom half of his leg. He broke the leg. Tammy said he got up off a chair and had pain. Turned out to be a fracture.

Walked Smathers Beach a bit. Then sat on one of the benches facing the ocean. Nothing but blue water as far as the eyes could see. Turned into soul searching time for me.

Then to the Plantation Coffee House. I like the place. Comfortable. Relaxing. Good people running it. Diane and Theo.

Diane was working when I arrived. No Theo. A little later I was sitting on the porch reading when Theo came up the steps. He was carrying a painting. About 3′ x 4′. It was of a Key West home. I told him how terrific it looked. I also asked who painted it. Turns out it was Theo. I did not know he painted. The painting was a commission. His first. He was excited. Diane was excited.

If any of you are considering a commissioned piece, check with Theo. Excellent work reasonably priced.

I spent part of the afternoon writing. First for friday’s internet show. Then did this week’s KONK Life article. Different Strokes For Different Countries. A take off on different strokes for different folks. Involved Greece, Italy, China, and the United States.

Busy day ahead for me. Jenna coming over at 1:30 to work with me. Then Sloan at 5. Hopefully, I will get out tonight.

Enjoy your day!

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