My morning yesterday started with a visit to Montessori. Robert and Ally were in a Halloween historical presentation. Each student played some historical figure. Costume and a recitation of the character.

Robert was Michael Phelps. The Olympic swimming star. Robert looked the part. A white rubber skull cap, googles, bathing suit, towel drapped over his shoulders, and all the gold medals Phelps won. Robert made each and every one of the gold medals he wore.

Ally was Clara Barton. She was dressed like a nurse. Looked like a nurse. White cap, white long dress, big red cross on the front of the dress, white stockings, and white shoes. Her hair was fixed with a bun on the back of her head. It showed beneath the cap. Ally is only 7. She looked 30. Terrific!

Both walked up to the microphone with confidence and recited their parts with no difficulty. My grandkids!

I was one proud grandfather. Lisa and Corey proud parents. Corey’s parents were in town for the event. They were beaming as well.

Afterwards, I voted.

I cast my vote at the County Office Building on Whitehead in Key West. A good crowd. Steady. The line always 5-6 persons long. Plus the 10-12 people voting.

Everyone was friendly at the polling place. I refer to the workers. Spirited and cooperative. Voters generally quiet, even where they knew each other.

A long ballot. Besides candidates, there were 8 amendments to vote on. The ballot was 4 long pages, print on both sides. Actually 8 pages of ballot material.

The amendments were too long. Were it not for TV warnings, I might have voted for a couple of things I was against. Titles were misleading. Like an amendment labeled RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. It had to do with permitting State funds to be provided churches and other religious groupos. To me, a violation of the separation of Church and State.

I felt solemn as I voted. I felt as if this was the most important Presidential vote I have ever cast. This election the most important.

I voted for Obama. I must concede that midway during the campaign, I began leaning towards Romney. Shock of shocks! However, the Romney campaign developed into one of lies. I could not live with a President who approved of deviously prepared messages.

The General Motors thing bothered me. Romney was for letting General Motors go down. He said it on TV for all to see and hear. Then he twists it to say oh no, not me. This recent Jeep thing was a disgrace. About Jeep moving to Japan. A lie again. Even Jeep’s CEO came out and said Romney was not correct.

Last night’s news justified the reasoning for my vote. The day before Romney had held a helping hand meeting in Ohio. He had people bring food which was put in a truck to be delivered to Sandy victims. Romney was shown accepting bags of goods from people and saying thank you. Turns out the Romney peoople had purchased $5,000 worth of granola bars, canned foods and diapers from a Walmart the night before. The goods were bagged and handed to people to hand to Romney. Bad!!!!!

Stopped after voting at the Plantation Coffee House. Read the newspapers and enjoyed my coffee. Smiling Diane working.

Diane told me something interesting. She has many customers. Only three drink decaf. Everyone else the real thing. She told me becausee I have to wait for a pot to be made every time I order it.

I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening writing and watching TV. Maybe someday a book. I don’t know. I keep plodding along.

Television was at its best. Delivered the drama of Sandy to the world. A tragedy. Sad.

Weather wise, yesterday was perfect. From the high 60s to the mid 70s. Sun bright. Air perfect. No humidity. Drove around town with the windosws open enjoying the cool breeze blowing in. No need for air conditioning.

Today will be the same. Whereas yesterday there was a slight movement in the palm trees, today there is none. Nothing is moving outside. The water still also. Like a mirror.

Enjoy your day!

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