Fantasy Fest returns! It starts today!

The opening event is Goombay.

Takes place in Bahama Village. On Petronia Street. Petronia runs off Duval.

A Caribbean festival. Food galore.  Music from gospel to reggae. Everyone friendly.

Goombay runs several blocks. Food, beer and trinket stands on both sides of the street. People crowded down the middle between them. The bodies, heat, and cooking make the street hot hot!

I will be going tonight. This is Don’s night. He entertains his friends. We will cab from Don’s Place to 801. 801 is at the entrance of Goombay on Duval. A gay bar. We will stop there for a drink or two first. Then the walk down Petronia. We eventually end up at the outside bar at Blue Heaven where the rest of the night is spent.

A fun time.

The ants returned. Yesterday. Not in the kitchen. Upstairs in my bedroom!

I woke and was watching television from my bed. I keep an extra laptop in my bedroom. It sits on an ottoman where it charges when not in use. I picked it up and returned to bed to read the news and check my messages. Opened the laptop. That was it! Little ants came out all over the place! Not only were they between the two main pieces, they were coming out of the keyboard and every hole on the laptop.

Worse yet, into my bed. Running all over the sheets.

I leaped up and ran and put the computer back on the ottoman. That is when I saw hundreds of little ants all over the ottoman top. Centered on an open pack of Newport menthol cigarettes. The box top was open. Two cigarettes inside. The ants were attracted to the menthol cigarettes.

First things first, I ran back to the bed. Ripped the sheets off the bed. Shook them right there. A mistake because I shook them onto the carpet. At least I got them out of my bed!

I had some extra TERRO ant traps. Placed them on the ottoman and on the ground nearby where the ants were scurrying. They were running in a line down the side of the ottoman over the carpet to a small opening between a glass sliding door and the wall.

The whole scenario disgusting!

The computer was a problem. I brushed the ants off the keyboard. Did not help much. They were coming out of every orifice. What to do? I ran into the bathroom and put the laptop in the middle of the jacuzzi. Placed some TERRO house traps in the jacuzzi. A mistake, however. TERRO makes the ants eat whatever is inside the houses. Then the ants return to their nest and contaminate the rest of the ants. These ants were stuck in the deep shiny Jacuzzi with nowhere to go. Then they started climbing the sides.

I got ’em! I turned on the hot water. It took several soakings and about a half hour. At the end hey were either dead or down the drain.

I took the laptop out of the Jacuzzi before hand, of course. There were still some ants coming out of the laptop. I placed it on the floor near the path the ants were taking with a TERRO house nearby.

I had bocce last night. When I returned home, there were no ants to be seen anywhere. I did not try to turn on the computer.

This morning still no ants. Good! Nothing coming out of the computer at this time. However, I still have not turned it on. Oh yes, I vacuumed the laptop’s keyboard and holes this morning. Just in case. I will let you know tomorrow if the laptop is working.

Bocce last night. We won only 1 game. Lost 2. Played the Donkeys. It was what  we refer to as a money game. The Donkeys hee haw their opponents if they do wrong. We received a lot of hee haws last night.

Lori is a physiotherapist. She plays for the Donkeys. Last night was her night! She was spectacular! One of the reasons we lost.

Between the ants and bocce yesterday, I fine tuned this mornings TV/internet show. I have already done the show this morning. I will discuss it with you in tomorrow’s blog.

To my friends outside Key West, come on down! Join us for Fantasy Fest. It lasts 10 days. The last three are the best. Includes the big parade. There will be 80,000 people in town for the parade. I often wonder how the island does not sink. I also wonder where they all sleep. There are not enough rooms in all of the Keys to handle such a crowd.

Enjoy your day!




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