It can’t get any better. I refer to the weather. Key West is blessed this fall. Beautiful days.

At the moment, I can see the outside. I am sitting inside my kitchen looking out over the water and everything else. The water is still. As is the air. A small white cloud here and there. God is good type weather!

Makes me feel good.

I walked yesterday. Outside. On South Roosevelt Boulevard along the Atlantic Ocean. A bit humid. Made me sweat. My tee shirt was soaked when I was done.

Ate at Roostica on Stock island last night. Went specifically for the Wednesday night special. Baked chicken and potatoes. Just like Mom made!

Tomorrow morning is my TV/internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. I spent time yesterday off and on working on the show. Interesting topics. The Washington fiasco, of course. Plus, my thoughts on the Alec Rodriquez situation.

Add to these two topics, the origin of the cocktail, women not persons under Canadian law till 1929, food stamps and the shut down, cameras soon to be on shelves in super markets, a recent study suggesting Oreos as addictive as cocaine and morphine, my continuation on government waste, and more.

The show is at 10 in the morning my time. It is available from Key West through Boca Raton on television via Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. Via the internet world wide.

The government shut down and debt limit problems were disgraceful. The Republicans should be ashamed. Especially, Tea Party members. Reports indicate the shut down cost the economy $24 billion. Take it out of the pay of the Tea Party members in the House of Representatives.

Will it happen all over again in 2-3 months? I hope not. You never know however when it comes to politicians.

Bocce tonight. I am anxious to play.

Frankie, aka Frankie the Plumber, is generally my partner. The best player on our team. One of the best in the league.

Frankie had heavy heart surgery more than six months ago. Died twice on the table.

When he returned to playing bocce, he had lost it. He was not the Frankie of old when it came to the game. We felt sorry for him. He had to be bothered by it, though he never said a word.

I am happy to report Frankie is back! The past few nights we have played, he has been the Frankie of old. I am happy for Frankie. I am happy for the team. We need him!

Enjoy your day!




3 comments on “IT CAN’T GET ANY BETTER

  1. Actually I think it should be the liberals that should be ashamed , but, I don’t think they know/understand enough to be. I’m just sorry that we are all saddling our future generations with our increasing debt.

  2. Agreed Lou, the Tea Party obstructionists are only in government to fuel their own interests. It’s sad how selfish these so-called ‘public servants’ are once they get into office. Tip O’Neill never would have let this happen. Truly a disgrace. (funny how some quickly forget that their guy Bush lied to get us into WMD wars at $10billion/month!…that’s what future generations will be paying for!).

    Tea Party=’all about me, the people are meaningless’

  3. “The Republicans should be ashamed. Especially, Tea Party members. Reports indicate the shut down cost the economy $24 billion.” I highlighted these two prescient lines from your blog today Lou as they are right on topic. No Patrick, it was the Tea Party and the Honcho Ted Cruz who acted the petulant three-year olds at a pinata party (“Mommy I want ALL the candy, cause I’m special!”).

    Our so-called “money-saving” Tea Partiers blew 24 Billion dollars (with a big “B”) for their silly behavior. Talk about lack of savings! And that was for less than two weeks of temper tantrums! I suggest we pay for all of them to go back to school, really study economics, especially free-market economics, then maybe run for office in a district where voters have college degrees. Wall Street almost blew the final gasket.

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