Syracuse fans who visit Key West! There is a new place for watching Syracuse basketball. John Lukas’ Big Ten Pub. Located on lower Caroline Street.

You have previously joined me at the Sports Bar on Green street. It is no more. Closed. In the meantime, John Lukas opened a new  sports bar. Fortune shined on us. The place is terrific!

The season has started. San Diego State is behind us. I stopped in to see John last night at his sports bar. I made the deal for the season. There will always be at least one TV set aside for Syracuse viewing. The same one. We have our own corner, tables and chairs. It matters not whether pro foot ball or other sports are playing. Syracuse basketball will be available! Guaranteed!

The food is good, also. Extra good.

We need a Syracuse flag. I told John  I would get one. The flag we had at the other bar was supposed to be returned to me. Never got it.

You will like John. He is a gracious host.

My yesterday started with a hair cut at Lori’s Blown Away. I was surprised when I walked in. Lori was finishing up Lisa. A pleasure to run into my daughter. I asked how Ally did after I left the day before. Lisa said she redid everything per my instructions. Ally was thrilled with the result. A good grandfather am I!

I had Lori trim my beard a bit. Not much. Under the chin and neck. I had more hair on my neck than on my chin.

I researched and read till late afternoon. I had a 4 o’clock appointment at the Comcast TV studio. Jenna and I fine tuned the physical portion of the show. The dark/night background is gone. A light orange replaces it. Chairs were changed, etc. Crystal the engineer and owner Rick helped.

Everything should work properly this friday. I consider  friday my first show. Four minutes last week was not enough to qualify. We are doing a run through this afternoon to make sure everything is A-OK.

The show….. The Key West Lou Legal Hour. Ten in the morning my time friday. Available on television in the Keys on Comcast Channel 87. Available world wide via the internet.

I stopped at the gas station on US 1 and Key Haven. A Sheriff’s car sitting there. Out jumped Matt Dowling. Matt is an old friend I see not enough. He is obviously a deputy. We were both glad to have run into each other.

The Chart Room was interesting. JJ bartending. The only other customer besides me for a while was Dan. I met Dan last night for the first time.

Dan is manager at the Sunset Pier Bar.

The three of us chatted. Dan’s wife is Sheila. Sheila is the bartender at the Hot Tin Roof. I told Dan how I once judged a high heels contest at Vino’s. Sheila was in it. Very high heeled red shoes. He recalled. Says she has never worn them since. We decided women buy a lot of clothes they rarely use.

Some how the conversation got around to Cape Cod. JJ spent his wedding night at the Chatham Bar Inn. I stayed at the Inn once or twice a summer for several years. A great place.

We chatted about another Dan. The Dan presently the manager of Hogsbreath. Formerly manager of the Yacht Club. I shared that Dan was once the manager of the Impudent Oyster in Chatham.

A small world.

Then it was to John Lukas’ sports bar. While there, I watched the first half of the Michigan State/Kansas basketball game.

I finished watching the game at Don’s Place. A close game. Michigan State won. Terrific basketball! Unusual this early in the season.

An Italian friend emailed  and told me that Italy would have a demonstration today. I was told the papers were not even reporting it for fear the demonstration would get out of hand.

Italy is six hours ahead of us time wise. The demonstration has already occurred as I write this blog. Thousands of people. No reported injuries or damage.

Turns out several countries demonstrated yesterday. Greece, Spain and Portugal included. The people of each country are sick of the austerity programs being imposed on them. They have had two years of austerity already.

Germany’s Chancellor Merkel visited Italy monday. She was not welcome. The Italians are beginning to dislike Germany as the Greeks do. Germany is the banker.

If it were not so serious, it would be a joke. Germany is never going to collect all the dollars it loaned. Did Germany pay back the heavy reparations following World War I? Of course not. There is only so much that can be done in spite of promises made.

I have an appointment to see a dermatologist later this morning. I  developed a growth on my back. It is going to be cut out. Ouch!

Enjoy your day!



My friday morning yesterday was the internet show. The Key West Lou Legal Hour went well. I was bombarded after the show by people commenting on the puppy mill topic. Most were shocked by what was revealed.

Hurried home after the show to write my column for next week’s KONK Life. I did a bit on the hookers displaced by the London Olympics. The article covers prostitution in general in England, also. Interesting.

Last night turned out to be one of the most enjoyable I have spent in Key West. Good people and good conversation throughout the evening.

The night started at Don’s Place. I was to meet David. We planned on dinner together.

Besides David, Erika, Herschel and Jimmy were at Don’s. Herschel was giving away his cigarettes. Today he is being hypnotized to help him stop smoking. I wish him good luck.

David and I decided to eat at the Big Ten Sports Bar. John Lukas’ place.

It was packed! The most people I have ever seen there. A fundraiser was going on. For four year old Kylee Farrow. A cancer victim. She begins extensive therapy today.

Kylee’s mother and grandmother were there. It is a hard situation. I felt for them. I remembered Robert eight years ago.

David and I met David at the bar. The additional David instantly became a new friend. He is from England, retired and spending some time in Key West. A real nice guy. As we were chatting, the Olympics was on every screen.

Nate was bartending. I had not seen him in a while. One of the nicest guys in Key West. He was earning his pay last night. Busy, busy.

My former bocce team mate Lori came in. She looked terrific! It was friday night in Key West!

David and I stopped back at Don’s Place for a night cap. Kurt was bartending. I like Kurt. Kurt has had a beard for years. He was making suggestions as to how I should trim mine. So had David during the evening. David looks like Santas Claus.

I have to baby sit at 9. Taking Robert and Ally to breakfast. Probably Harpoon Harry’s.

I was totlaly impressed by the Olympic opening show. Top shelf theater. I trust Romney will find nothing negative about it. The show was perfection.

Enjoy your saturday!