Bocce last night! Last games of the regular season. There are 14 teams in the thursday night league. The top 5 go to the playoffs.

We were #4 going into last night. We played the #3 team. All games close. We needed to win 3 to move up to third spot. We won only 1, lost 2. However, the 2 defeats did not drop us in the standings. We still ended up 4th.

The playoffs begin at 10 tomorrow morning. A big deal! Tents to cover the players heads to avoid the sun, food and drinks. A very festive occasion.

Bocce is played 4 evenings a week. Five teams from each evening compete in the playoffs. Lose and go home.

Cheryl stopped by while we were playing. A loyal team fan. A friend. She had a new hairdo. Short. Looked terrific!

Key West Shoe Girl Stephanie came by. She has just returned from Paris. We are having dinner together next wednesday.

Pati came by for a hug and kiss.

The courts were relatively quiet. No Larry Smith. Without him, it was like playing in silence.

I spent time yesterday fine tuning today’s TV/Internet show. Teen pregnancy is my opening topic. You will be shocked by some parts of it.

The show can be viewed via television on Comcast Channel 87 and U-Verse Channel 19. On the internet world wide. www.tvchannel19.com.

Show time is 10 in the morning my time.

Join me, if you can.

I walked Duval yesterday as part of my good health program. Walked more than I intended. The people and store fronts attracted my attention.

Time is short friday mornings. I have to shower, etc. and head over to the TV station.

Enjoy your day!

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