Not a bad day yesterday! The bocce playoffs.

This was our team’s third trip to the playoffs. It is like any other sport. You have to be there a few times before you can win.

We had not defeated anyone in our first two playoff appearances. Yesterday, we did!

Our noon game was against the #4 team from the Tuesday night league. We are #4 in the Thursday night league. The win was convincing. We won 16-4 and 16-5.


At six, we played the #1 team from the Monday night league. They are the best of the best. Won everything last year. Lost only 2 games this year. In addition, Monday is considered the toughest league.

They destroyed us. By scores similar to those by which we won in the morning.

They were exceptional! Precise! Blasters! Whereas we worry about making one point, they were always figuring how to get two or three points from one shot.

It was a pleasure watching them win, even though it was against us. I complimented an opponent after a particularly good shoot. He said it took years of practice.

My team members are overall pleased. We move up another notch each year. At some point, we will be there.

My diet continues. I am into day 9. I will not tell you how much has been lost. You will think I am crazy.

The diet does affect me. I am slower than normal, dull and tired all the time. But the diet is working!

I got to watch the last 4 minutes of the Alabama/Georgia game. Must have been a thriller!

Key West weather this morning is perfect. An all blue sky. A bright sun. A touch of breeze.

During bocce yesterday, the weather was as it should be this time of year. Tee shirts and sweat in the morning. Sweatshirts and a bit of a chill in the evening.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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  1. The Georgia/Alabama game was thrilling! Given an additional 30 seconds I believe Georgia had it as they were on the goal line when time expired. Great football.

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