I had a good time last night.

Stopped first at the Chart Room. A quick hello to Emily and left. Did not have a drink.

Crossed the street to the Hot Tin Roof. Jenna was joining me for dinner.

Jenna was late. Joseph and I chatted a bit. The man is an intellectual. I enjoy our brief moments together. He made mention that he very much enjoyed my KONK Life column on Detroit. Thought I set forth the necessary background data and frankly represented the situation.

Jenna arrived! We had not seen each other in close to two months. It was reunion time!

We talked about everything. I enjoy her company. She, mine. Too bad she is 52 years younger than me.

I stopped at Don’s Place on the way home. Don was there. We sat and talked quite a while. Big party tonight at Don’s Place. A going away party for Hershel and Erika. They return to Indiana later this week.

Megan came over to say hello. Megan the bartender from Roostica. I have mentioned her before. An excellent bartender. Always makes sure I am well taken care of. I introduced her to Don. The three of us chatted for a while.

Megan looked terrific! Under 30 I suspect. One beautiful woman. Gracious and pleasant.

Jenna and Megan in one night. What could be better!

My day started at the bank with Yeleini. She has been my bank person for years. I needed some information.

Then to Publix. I bought nothing. Cost $51. How do families do it?

When I was in high school, I worked in what was then called a supermarket. The time 1949. Supermarkets then were not the huge stores of today. Not even close. One of my jobs was to stock the shelves. One of the items was Campbell Tomato Soup. Five cents a can. I noticed Publix was having a Campbell Tomato Soup sale. Four cans for $4.95. $1.24 a can.  Although more than 60 years later, still a major increase!

I mentioned Pine Tyme the other day. The 80 pound sick loggerhead turtle that had spent three months at the Marathon Turtle Hospital getting better. Pine Tyme was released into the ocean yesterday. With a satellite tracking device so we will know where her travels take her.

A huge crowd was present for her walk over the sand to the water. Many children. Plus Congressman Joe Garcia. A good guy. Also a politician who knew the best place for him to be yesterday.

Ferguson did not die down. One night of calm. Then Ferguson erupted again last night. Some of the armored trucks were brought out to keep the crowd at bay.

I have an interesting inquiry. Military equipment has been distributed to large and small police departments all over the country. From two sources. The Department of Defense/Pentagon. No cost. Supposedly left over and no longer needed military equipment. Also the Department of Homeland Security. The municipalities have to pay, but get a special deal.

Ferguson is a community of only 21,000 people. Key West is larger. Twenty nine thousand. Has the City of Key West Police Department received from either source military equipment of any nature? Similar to what was seen on the streets of Ferguson. What of the Monroe County Sheriff Department?

The public has a right to know. Transparency is required. Let not the first time we become aware be the day we have public disturbance and the armored vehicles suddenly appear.

Enjoy your day!

4 comments on “A GOOD TIME LAST NIGHT

  1. “Military equipment has been distributed to large and small police departments all over the country. From two sources. The Department of Defense/Pentagon. No cost. Supposedly left over and no longer needed military equipment.”

    Hmmm, judging by what I see reported nightly on the NBC news, we have also distributed military equipment to the ISIS Islamic radicals in Iraq. A lot of the equipment we gave to the Iraqi Army has been abandoned and left to ISIS. Pictures of the radicals in Humvees and armored vehicles with their black flags are rather appalling. I would venture a guess that the Iraqi Army is far less trained and motivated than US police yet we left them all types of militarized goodies for the terrorists to take.

    It would appear our military also has issues with military equipment and keeping it out of the hands of terrorists let alone domestic police. I have a good friend who served with the Marines in Fallujah. He said they left all manner of military equipment and facilities behind when they bugged out. He is sick to think his old barracks now is a roof over ISIS terrorist’s heads. All of it, paid for with US tax dollars.

  2. It seems every time we arm anyone in an attempt to ‘do the right thing’ those arms have always ended up being used against us. And, we continue this nonsense expecting a different result. Isn’t the definition of insanity.
    I remember our commander in chief and his second in command proudly confidently stating the war has been won and a democratic government was in progress. This resulted in his release of detainees which were of no further danger to the US. However, one is now the head of the largest, wealthiest, best trained, best armed terrorist group the world has ever seen. This group is none other than ISIS, or, whatever they wish to call themselves today.
    We are going thru the most dangerous time in history and we just happen to have the most incompetent leader this country has ever had.

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