She shines bright! Maya Angelou.

My admiration for people who rise above all sorts of adversity to succeed for themselves and others is without reservation. Maya Angelou was one of those persons.

With all the reading I have done in my lifetime, I am ashamed to say that I never read her autobiographies. Not even one. However, I have read  some of her poetry books. Especially when my favorite reading place in Key West was Borders.

I have always had an interest in poetry. Tried my hand at it as far back as college. Not for me. The talent was lacking. Though I could not write, I could read. I never read any of her poems back then. I am not sure any were as yet published. This is back in the 1950s.

There were times when I have wanted to favor someone with a special gift. I would give a book of Angelou’s poems.

Maya Angelou was frequently referred to as the…..Black woman’s poet laureate. She was a poet laureate regardless of color.

It was back to the gym yesterday morning. I survived another hour. The workout was harder. i suspect each day will be more difficult. I did it without injury. I am being handled differently this time. The first time back in Decmeber, it was like being slammed against a wall. This time it is a step at a time. A short step.

I got tired again in the afternoon. A bit sore here and there. Muscular. I went to bed and took a nap. Felt fine afterwards. I am free until monday when I will have my third session.

Stopped at Don’s Place around 6. Chatted with Don and David. Exchanged hellos with Stan, Clare and Hershel.

Then to Geiger Key for dinner. It was still bright. A couple of hours of daytime left.

Geiger Key is a good change of pace. Not as crowded as normal. The season is over. I sat at the bar and enjoyed a reuben. All the while looking out over the calm water.

This blog is a bit late this morning. I had to get out of the house early. Someone who might be interested in buying was stopping by with a contractor.

I am doing the blog at Lisa’s. I am at the kitchen table and she at her desk. Neither bothering the other. Each intent and busy.

Enjoy your day!

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