6′ 3″ 236 POUNDS…..NO WAY!!!!!

I have weight problems. Always have. Started my most recent diet at 240. I am 6’1″. Trump’s medical report was revealed yesterday. The report states Trump is 6’3″ and purportedly weighs 236 pounds.

No way!!!!!

I have never looked as fat as the President. Even in my 250 pound days.

The truth be known, he has to weigh at least 30 pounds more.

Why the lie? Why the misrepresentation? The White House doctor is Ronny L. Jackson. Also a Rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy. He did the examination and reported the results.

At 71, the way Trump eats, the tension he is under, his lifestyle…..he has to have more than a cholesterol problem. I read the other day  that his daily MacDonald’s lunch consists of 2 cheeseburgers, 2 chicken sandwiches and a chocolate milk shake. His veins and arteries have to be bursting with plaque pride!

The cognitive test. I take it every year as part of my physical. Not 30 steps, however. Only 10. Easy. What day is it? Who is President of the U.S.? What year is it? Spell a short word backwards. Draw a couple of boxes already printed on a form. Etc.

Child’s play!

Takes all of two minutes. The President’s, probably 5-10.

The results merely represent whether you are mentally ok to get along in society. Trump is more than merely in society. He is President of the U.S. Leader of the most powerful nation in the world.

I would rather he was examined by a psychiatrist rather than merely taking the cognitive test.

Admiral Jackson says Trump is in “excellent” physical health. True or false?

Others who appear to lie for the President include Senators Cotton and Perdue, and Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen.

Formerly respectable, responsible persons willingly walking the plank for the man. Why?

Staying with Homeland Secretary Nielsen a moment, she testified also before the Congressional Committee yesterday that her Department has asked federal prosecutors if the Department can lodge criminal charges against sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with federal deportation efforts.

Shades of a totalitarian state.

My podcast show last night.Went well. Enjoyed doing it. Opened with three medical issues. The rest of the show Trump. Cannot be helped. He is into everything nationally and world wide.

I was able to catch the second half of the Syracuse/Pittsburgh game following the show. Syracuse won decisively. Glad the team won again! They lost their previous four games.

Weather continues to be cold. Stepped on the porch in tee shirt and shorts this morning after reading today’s weather report in the Key West Citizen. Eighty six degrees today. Seventy seven tomorrow. The rest of the week in the mid 80’s. The cold spell was over!

It was cold on the porch.

Rechecked the Citizen report. I had read it correctly. Checked some of the weather stations. The Citizen had it wrong.

Maybe a joke.

Viagra has many uses. As I live and learn.

Robin Robinson writes a weekly column for the Citizen. Gardening. Her article this past weekend titled: How To Keep Your Fresh Flowers Erect.

Her article reported some put a penny in the water to keep the flowers fresh/erect. Others, an aspirin. Some, viagra. Erectability guaranteed.

The flu season is upon us big time. World wide.

The vaccination apparently not working this year. Experts claim only 10-30 percent effective.

Proof of the pudding Santa Barbara, California. Eight died in two weeks. Seven of them had received the flu shot. All 8, 65 or older.

In another U.S. area, a 40 year old mother who had received the vaccination died within 3 days of becoming sick.

A DACA update.

A California federal district court judge ordered the Trump administration last week to resume accepting renewal applications for DACA. Screws up Trump’s deportation process.

Attorney General Sessions says the ruling “defies both law and common sense.” He cannot understand how DACA can be “mandated” by a single federal judge sitting in San Francisco.

It’s the law, stupid. That’s how it works! Almost since the beginning of our country.

Sessions indicated he is going to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to take a direct review of the judge’s ruling. Highly unusual!

The process involves as a first step an appeal to the Ninth Circuit. Assuming a continued adverse ruling by the Circuit Court, an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court is then proper. If the Supreme Court accepts the case. They accept few.

Time involved, 1-2 years.

Screws up Trump’s plan to deport 800,000 who should not be deported. Would irritate Trump no end. He probably would then tweet that the Supreme Court needs to be examined, outdated, have too much power, many of the justices too old, etc.

On this day in 1961, Eisenhower delivered his Farewell Address. He warned of the “military-industrial complex.” We did not listen.

Enjoy your day!

24 comments on “6′ 3″ 236 POUNDS…..NO WAY!!!!!

  1. Trump is fat.

    Now, in news that matters… Apple on Wednesday made a slew of announcements about its investment in and contribution to the U.S. economy in part because of the new tax law.

    The headline from Apple is that it will make a $350 billion “contribution” to the U.S. economy over the next five years.

    The company also promised to create 20,000 new jobs and open a new campus.

    It said it expects to pay about $38 billion in taxes for the horde of cash it plans to bring back to the United States. This implies it will repatriate virtually all of its $250 billion in overseas cash.

    • Hey Patrick – in case you haven’t noticed, Lou writes a “Blog” not a news feed. As such he gets to talk about anything he wants to talk about and like so many right wing blogs, isn’t bound by anything, apart from his own integrity. He can ramble and he can BS, whatever. Lou also provides, at his indulgence, a comments area, where people can “comment” (get it, comment) on something he wrote in his blog. Why is it you ignorantly insist on bringing up something not in his blog to begin with? That’s disrespectful of both him and the rest of us.

      and BTW (that’s “by the way”): Lou wasn’t trying to report on trumps obesity, he was commenting that Trump (and his friends) were LYING about his weight. Not really a subtle difference and something most people would comprehend.

  2. Ignorance? haha. you’re a moron fella. I’m not “Patrick” you dope. Also, please take a remedial English writing and comprehension class. It may help your meandering writing skills find a logical direction.



  3. Hey Mickey, I know you haven’t noticed but I haven’t posted and wasn’t going to. So get off this rant.

    As far as commenting, I wasn’t going to. But since you brought up the subject i’ll bring up something that was brought up. I’m going to believe what the presidents doctor said long before I’ll take seriously anything Lou has to say about his health. What could he possibly know. Everyone knows the camera appears to add 10-20#,or, everyone should know that. So the man is over weight, so is the person that owns this blog. Talk about people in glass houses. The typical Trump hater can not be taken seriously.

  4. fella, you could at least feign a more intelligent sense of indigancy in denying such pseudo duplicity, it is so non Regents, so transparent and so childish.

  5. If you don’t think you’ve looked as fat as Trump, you lost your self awareness at some point in the past decade. Side note: the shorts, baggy-ass shirts and Crocs don’t help.

  6. I recently read an interview with Richard Clark (the National Security guy and one of Ronald Reagan’s boys), who said that the way the Russians worked during the election of Donald Trump was on Facebook and Twitter, etc. where one of their hackers would create accounts in several different identities and then create false narratives they would pass around between each other, hoping (usually successfully) to create a false sense of credibility, by which to get their garbage spread out and maybe even viral. He said that worked very well on the political right, but no so much with Democrats.

    Patrick, none of us ever thought of you as a traitor or as smart enough for the Russians to recruit you, but it does look like maybe they have converted you to mouth their ways and tactics. But, do they know you are dumb enough to ply on a relatively unimportant liberal blog with your alias army? They must be laughing their asses off in Moscow, high-fiving and slapping each other on the butt. I got ten bucks in a pool that says your probably not even being paid. After all these years, your still embarrassing us. Not so much on what you say, but how incompetently you go about it. Your mother, bless her heart, must be so ashamed.

  7. Talk about a mother that is ashamed. With your recent rant regarding a Key West incident that didn’t occur, another about a mental patient in his cell and then your failure to post for a while, I have to think you finally went for your over due evaluation and they kept you. Obviously they released you far too soon.

    I do find your posts a good comic relief. Your posts become more absurd by the day. i get a kick out of them. ‘I got’ a feeling there is only $10 in that pool so I’m thinking you’re not about to lose it.

    • but comrade – you avoided the central premise of my post. Are you a Russian troll, or just emulating their tactics for your own personal agenda?

      • Dude you are insanely paranoid. Holy smokes. Hahaha. Yeah, Vlad Putin called up Patrick (whose real name is probably Boris or Yakov) and directed him to push the Russian agenda on this blog.

        Comrade Putin believes the key to the next presidential election lay in the Monroe County vote. We all know that as Monroe County goes, so does the US.

        Now that we’ve established the Russian agenda includes the following:

        * A rapidly expanding American GDP
        * Repatriation of $billions back into the US
        * Increased take-home pay for Americans
        * The lowest level of black unemployment on record
        * $billions upon $billions of corporate re-investment in plants, employees and US
        manufactured products
        * The rebirth of exploration and production of domestic O&G

        We can safely say Putin’s got us right where he wants us…


  8. OK Patrick, go ahead and take an early, not yet realized, bow on those above mentioned points. But let me remind you of the adage that it is fools who rush in, etc., etc. – and – that you don’t have such a good track record with your willingness with other predictions. I’m thinking here of the situation in Puerto Rico, which you were so quick to comment on and got so horribly wrong.

    And yes, I think Putin really does have us right where he wants us. You got that right!

    • Looks like Putin’s at it again this morning:

      The U.S. labor market continued to build new momentum after the Labor Department report showed that weekly U.S. jobless claims fell by 41,000 to 220,000 claims in the week to Saturday.

      “This is the lowest level for initial claims since February 24, 1973 when it was 218,000,” the report said.

      Dammit, Putin’s got us cornered now… bwahahaha


  9. Well, I’m not about to take a bow on something I didn’t post.

    But, I did get Puerto Rico correct. Its infrastructure was a mess before the storms and will continue to be for years. Supplies were sent, sitting in the ports and docks not being delivered. It’ll take a miracle to correct their issues and that miracle will come only through this country. Only so much can be done, just look at the Florida Keys. They are still a mess and its good infrastructure was destroyed and I talked with some that were without power for a month or more. It’ll take years for the Keys to recover, much longer for PR.

    Some people have unrealistic expectations. Get out and do your share Mickey.

    To get back to my original post of yesterday, I’m not about to believe that the doctor of several previous presidents is about to lie to the public about one presidents health or weight. Only a Trump hater could believe such ridiculousness.

  10. After just a bit of checking, it was found that our administration sent a team to check on recovery efforts in PR and raided a PREPA warehouse and found that local officials and politicans were hoarding and trying to sell needed components and supplies on the black market. Some mayors it was said were trying to buy supplies from the local towns budgets. These supplies were then confiscated and distributed. Some people have said they were without power for over 100 days until these materials could be used or installed. Some PR officials were incompetent and corrupt prior to the storms and apparently continue to be.

  11. Patrick – you’re living in a bubble and STILL have NOT answered my question. Are you a Russian troll, or just emulating their tactics for your own personal agenda?

  12. Only such a question would come from an ass like you, a question that really doesn’t deserve a response. My personal agenda is nothing more than to irritate you.

      • Patrick, you do know that “stable genius” has become a comedy cliche, and has come to mean something not so flattering, right?

        Why would your pseudo you, use it against you, like that?

        get a hold of yourselves

    • A little touchy on the subject? It sure seems that’s EXACTLY who you are and what you are doing, even proving it by getting a pseudo “friend” to support your ruse.

      Advancing your sick goals like this are dishonest and are truly anti American, as such their everybody’s business.

      …and a personal agenda of nothing more than to irritate me is pathological and something you should learn to control or you’re likely to be confined again.

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