I have not been a fan of Syracuse Coach Dino Babers in recent years. Definitely not this year. The man has to go! He probably would have been let go last year. However central administration did not want to cough up the money necessary to dismiss Babers. My recollection is it was something like $6 million.

Last night was another Syracuse disaster. Virginia Tech defeated Syracuse 38-10. Syracuse’s fourth consecutive loss. Time for Babers to move on following the conclusion of this season.

I have only so much blood to give for my alma mater. My orange blood supply is rapidly diminishing.

For several years, Maine was the safest state to live. In fact, it was only last monday it was so recognized again. Then came the mass shooting where 18 were killed and 13 injured. The numbers may be off. Every time I read or hear of them, they are slightly different.


Maine will no longer be deemed the safest state after the mass shooting this week.

When will our lawmakers wake up and pass the necessary legislation to make future killings next to impossible? Time they started thinking first about constituents and  place money in a secondary position.

I doubt the new Speaker Mike Johnson will do well. He is as far right as any MAGA legislator can be. An election denialist. Aggressively so. A Trump favorite. Do not be misled by his charming personality and ways. He is going to be difficult to deal with.

I am still moving. A gigantic pain in the ass! And I have 5 people helping me. We began yesterday. Packing. Still packing. Four helping at the moment. One more later in the day. Plan is to move saturday. Not sure we’ll make it. I have till tuesday to actually be out. The wear and tear on my ass is too much. I had to use my nitroglycerin spray this morning. I definitely am not the man I used to be.

I am going from large to small. Rented a 15 x 10 storage space.

Did not go out last night. Poured myself a drink and then went to bed. Been up and at it since 6 this morning. I’m too old for this bullshit!

Blog will continue to be short till I am settled in in my new quarters.

Enjoy your day!

3 comments on “GOODBYE DINO BABERS

  1. For the past several decades, Republicans have been trying to scare the American public that most violence and crime in this country is caused by Blacks, Mexican Immigrants, Muslims the Antifa and various other boogymen.

    Why? because it works for them politically with a poorly educated society – their base.

    The truth is, for a long, long time now, middle aged white men with guns are the largest group of those causing death, destruction and violence in this country, and almost ALL of these people are far right politically who identify and vote Republican.

    America, wake up, the people to fear in this country are really Repiblicans!

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