Big day today. Two major events.

One is the Zombie Bike Ride. Big not sufficient to describe. Several thousand will participate. Family friendly. Everyone costumed in one fashion or another. All bike riding.

A pre-party from 2-6 pm at Fort East Martello. The actual bike ride begins at 6. Streets along the route totally blocked with cyclists. The  ride 4 miles. Begins at East Martello. Then along the ocean down South Roosevelt Boulevard, past Higgs Beach, and finally through Old Town streets. 

All along the route, non-bikers will be partying from porches cheering the cyclists on.

A big party afterwards at the Coffee Butler Amphitheater.

The second event scheduled at 9 this morning. Already has begun since it is after 9 that I am writing.

The event is to mark the tenth anniversary of Diana Nyad’s 111 mile swim from Havana to Smathers Beach. The trip took Nyad 52 hours 54 minutes.

Nyad is here for the event.

She will release a 120 pound adult female green sea turtle rehabilitated at the Marathon Turtle Hospital. The turtle’s name “Rocky.” Strange for a female turtle, however so named.

Two thousand are expected to view the event.

Bad things happening throughout the U.S. which continue to suggest rising anti-Semitism,

Most recent is the stabbing to death of prominent Detroit synagogue leader 40 year old Samantha Wolf. She was found stabbed to death outside her home yesterday. The stabbing occurred inside. Her body outside with the a trail of blood leading back into the house.

A motive for the killing not yet officially determined. Authorities caution against conclusions till their investigation complete.

Watched Florida State/Duke last night. Unusual game. Florida State looked terrible for most of the first 3 quarters. Always behind. Then came to life. Had a big 4th quarter. Ended up winning decisively 38-20.

A hell of a finish!

Enjoy your Sunday!  

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