Goombay began last night. I have not attended in several years. All walking. Too much for my legs.

Yesterday was a perfect example of the leg problem. Needed to get something at Home Depot. Did one aisle and I was done for. My right leg and hip hurt like hell. Took forever to get back to the car.

Goombay again tonight. A family affair. Unquestionably. Always fun, regardless of age. Everyone properly attired.

I have been hearing complaints however about the cost. The food. I have been told around $50 a couple. Street food. Nothing fancy. Good. No question. Again cost factor bothering some.

Note that most of the vendors are not local. Come from Tampa. Apparently follow street festivals.

I have also been advised that the people attending are mostly tourists as opposed to locals. Such would be new for me. My recollection is it was always a family dominated local event. Again, I have not attended in several years.

Fantasy Fest technically begins tomorrow. The action and fun increases in intensity as the week progresses. Thursday through saturday nights the best. Thursday is toga party time! Saturday the parade.

A week of fun! Adult, of course. Enjoy. If some nudity offends you, don’t go. The complaints are minimal but seem to get the big news. A shame. Fantasy Fest is what it is. 

Citizens’ Voice this morning: “Time to dream for success – and excesses!”

“Excess” is what Fantasy Fest is all about!

On this day in 1965, 92 year old Anselmo Hernandez arrived in Key West as a refugee from Cuba. 

He claimed he was a friend of Ernest Hemingway and that Hemingway had visited with him every time he was in Cuba. He was a fisherman. Hernandez explained to everyone Hemingway was constantly telling him he would someday write about him.

Hernandez said, “He did!” Claimed he was Hemingway’s inspiration for “The Old Man and the Sea.”

The U.S. Navy has always been concerned about Key West prostitution. Before, during and following World War II. Constantly forced local authorities to close houses of ill repute, arrest madams, arrest ladies working the houses, and close bars the ladies would frequent.

On this day in 1953, the Navy went after the taxi drivers. They requested 5 Key West taxi drivers’ licenses be suspended because the drivers were engaged in prostitution operations.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office has acquired three new Trauma Star helicopters. Cost $52 million. 

Definitely required to get the heavily injured and sick to a Miami hospital swiftly. Face it, we do not have a full staffed hospital nor sufficiently trained medical specialists to care for us. Major issues need the best, the top of the line to provide care.

No reflection on the hospital or doctors we do have. Merely an observation of what is needed to keep us alive.

Thank God the need has been recognized over the years!

Two American hostages released by Hamas. Now Hamas should release the other 20 odd American hostages.

Why just the tease of “two?”

Jim Jordan got what he deserved. He deserved the embarrassment. He thought the bully in him had everyone bullshitted or fearful. No way, Jose! he learned.

Expect more to turn and accept pleas in the Georgia case. Trump’s “friends” will become increasingly limited as time goes on. It always happens when a person’ ass is on the line. Every one for themselves.

A “holier than thou” gets his. Joseph Harding is a former Florida legislator. He penned Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law.

He was sentenced to 4 years in federal prison for wire fraud, money laundering, and making false statements in connection with obtaining $150,000 in COVID-19 relief loans.

My blood pressure will remain low this saturday. Syracuse not playing. Drew a bye.

I have not written much this past week. Will be missing some days this coming week. I have to move. Been going crazy looking for a place not one which only a Rockefeller could afford. Finally successful. Now the moving. A pain in itself. Bear with me.

Enjoy your day!



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