I am excited today to update you re my grandson Robert Malcom. He makes me proud.

Robert is a sophomore at Florida State. In the College of Communications studying Digital Media Production. Doing well academically. My recollection is all As and 2 Bs his freshman year to which he added 2 more As this summer via online courses. It is not his grades alone which please me. It is something else which I now share with you.

One of Robert’s first year courses involved media writing. His professor apparently was impressed with Robert’s work and brought Robert to the attention of Dustin Lewis. Lewis is the Editor in Chief of NoleGameday. A publication that can be found at The publication a daily one. It has to do with Florida State sports. Not directly affiliated with Florida State. 

The professor sent a copy of something Robert had written to Lewis and suggested Lewis might be interested in bringing Robert on board NoleGameday.

Lewis did. 

NoleGameday has a staff of 6 in addition to Lewis. All are paid employees, except for Robert. Robert is an intern and works for the glory and experience involved. You will be impressed with what Robert does.

He is up with the football team mornings and at the field at 8. He is with them at other times including games.

During the games, he sits in the press box where the for real reporters sit. Robert has a chair reserved for him. With Florida State ranked #4, a couple of national sport reporters also are in the box. Robert’s function is to take notes re the game and write a column which NoleGameday generally will publish the next day. He also is responsible for videoing certain game events on the field for social media such as Instagram.

During the week, Robert writes re the players, the next game and anything which excites him at the moment. He is published 3-4 times a week.

His most recent article was published yesterday. It shares Robert’s thoughts re Florida State’s victory over Duke saturday. A game Florida State fans thought their team was going to lose till Florida State’s dynamic 4th quarter. The article is titled: Florida State Fans, Former Players, React to The Seminoles’ Thrilling Win Over Duke. You may wish to read it.

I am impressed with Robert’s writing. Not merely because he is my grandson. Rather because it is good. As good as the many articles I refer to you to read in my daily blog. Ergo every time Robert publishes, I will be mentioning the article.

Today is officially Day 2 of Fantasy Fest.

Fantasy Fest starts slowly and builds each day during the week. By thursday, it is is on a roll. Saturday brings 60,000 to 80,000 fans yelling and screaming as the Parade goes by. I don’t know where they all sleep. Not enough hotel/motel beds in all the Keys to accommodate such a number. I suspect many sleep on the beach that night.

Today finds all kinds of parties in the Duval Street area. Walk around and enjoy.

Is this the last year for painted boobs?

Key West Mayor Johnston is opposed to them and wants them banned beginning next year. Why, I am not sure. Maybe it’s a woman’s thing.

Anyhow, the banning does not make sense to me. I have been a Johnston supporter since she first ran. She is wrong in this instance, however. Painted breasts have become an integral part of Fantasy Fest.

I do not believe the issue will gain Commission or public support. A few religious zealots will support Johnson’s position. That is all, I suspect.

Banning painted female breasts will result in downplaying the adult attraction aspect of Fantasy Fest. Tourists do not come for a Halloween costume party. They come for the down and dirty. The merchants know it. The hotels/motels, bars, restaurants, etc. will scream if such a ban is imposed. Later October is dead time for them. Fantasy Fest gives them an economic shot they need during that time of year.

Mitt Romney recently hit out at Donald Trump, saying Trump represents a “failure of character.”

Mildly stated.

Walgreens, Rite Aid and CVS are closing thousands of stores. Leaves the U.S. in a dangerous situation for older adults. Where closings have occurred, a trend has begun indicating older adults fail to take their prescribed medications.

Rite Aid filed for bankruptcy sunday, announcing it was closing 400-500 of its 2,200 stores.  Walgreens closings come amid walkouts by pharmacists over low pay and understaffed stores.

A major reason drug stores are hurting economically is because of lower reimbursement rates for prescription drugs.

No evidence linking the Detroit synagogue President’s fatal stabbing to anti-Semitism says Detroit’s police chief. 

I find the police chief’s conclusion strange under the the growing anti-Semitism which is evident in the U.S. Simply hard to buy! What facts did he rely on?

Five days after Hamas accused Israel of bombing a hospital in Gaza City and killing thousands of people, Hamas has yet to produce or describe any evidence linking Israel to the strike, says it cannot find the munition that hit the site, and has declined to provide detail to support its count of the casualties.

Hamas is known to “lie.” The world was quick to accept the lie. Such happens in war related reports. However everyone should take a deep breath first before accepting such representations. Especially when it comes from a group such as Hamas whose history is that of a liar.

The Detroit Pistons waived Buddy Boeheim. Boeheim was cut saturday, just 2 days ahead of the NBA’s monday deadline for teams to finalize their opening night rosters.

What’s next for the former Syracuse basketball star and son of Jim Boeheim?

Enjoy your day!


  1. Congratulations to Robert! What a bright and exciting future he has in front of him. Here’s hoping your move goes as planned with out any drama.

    • I am remaining in Key West. Happy to be in Key West. I am critical of its flaws. Does not mean I want to live elsewhere like Naples. Interestingly, 30 yeas ago when I opted for Key West my final choice was between Naples and Key West. I preferred the funkiness of Key West in making my final decision.

      • Your move to Key West was definitely the better choice. Mine was Naples and it was a big mistake. This place is a MAGA heaven with nasty and hateful people everywhere.

        Enjoy what you have Lou.

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