Short blog today. Busy moving this week. Did not intend to write this morning. However last night too good not to share.

I went to The Grand for Happy Hour. Had to park 3 blocks away. The walk a killer!

Key West is mobbed! Unusual for so early in the Fantasy Fest week. Everyone partying big time already. Many will not make it to saturday night and the parade.

The crowd primarily middle aged. As many men in tutus as women. Highly unusual. Stupid also I thought. Men look ridiculous in tutus.

Several women were pantyless under their tutus. Something new. Rare. Illegal, of course. From a voyeur point of view, interesting. 

My blog for the day. Moving problems/details of primary concern.

Grandson Robert Malcom has an article in NoleGameday today. The article: Florida State Linebacker Tatum Bethune Is Eager to Make His Mark Against Wake Forest. NoleGameday.com.

Enjoy your day!


2 comments on “TUTU TUESDAY

  1. Lou, if you are NOW living on Island, don’t drive – take Uber. If you drive you’ll never get close enough and end up walking anyhow. Uber takes you to the door and pick’s you up here too. It will also take you home to your door.

    Uber is not free, but it is reasonable and a lot cheaper than what it will cost you if you should fall, or forget where you parked or have your car towed for an illegal park.

    Uber was meant for people like you, especially in Key West

  2. We live in Marathon, but come onto Key West often, for dinner, theater, and music. We always find a free parking lot first thing when we get there and call an unber. It’s cheap and we never have to fight traffic, fund parking and then walk a mile to where we really want to be.

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