Again last night! Brady’s Irish Pub on Flagler. Second night in a row. I obviously like the place.

I’m still moving. Tired last night. Not in the mood for the Fantasy Fest Parade. Instead a quick shower and I was off to Brady’s for dinner.

Turned out to be a wise choice.

Enjoyed good company and good food. Food first. Shepard’s Pie. Outstanding!

Met 3 new guys. A locals place. Jimmy, Mark and Mikey.

Jimmy has been in Key West for 3 years. Came down for a visit and stayed. He is a tattoo artist. Operates Southern Post Tattoo on Duval.

Mark has dual residences. South Carolina and Key West. Back and forth several times a year. Sells industrial equipment. A deeply religious man. Blew my mind. Into Ra. Still not sure what it is. Heavy stuff. Promised to have lunch with him to learn more.

Mikey like me. Has been in Key West for years. In his case, 20. Makes his living painting. Houses, etc.

All 3 consider Brady’s “their hangout.” The way it should be.



I am in the process of moving. Coming across things long forgotten. One a 2014 KONK Life publication. Guy DeBoer was kind enough to plug my first book by running a picture of me and the book on the cover page. I rerun it here for your perusal. Excited me then, excites me now. The book was a series of essays by me titled The World Upside Down. Nine years later, I again say: “Thank you, Guy.”

I periodically complain about the condition of certain Key West streets. My voice and that of others, voices in the wilderness. The right people do not listen. Nothing ever gets done.

Eaton Street is one of Key West’s most popular. A key street. The ruts/holes get any deeper, some car is going to fall in and its driver will get out in China. That bad!

The reason for the failure to repair is coming to light. Eaton, as  well as several other streets, are owned by the County. City claims County being negligent in not repairing. My admonition is City Commissioners get on the County Commissioners’ asses and get the job done. Lack of title is not a valid excuse for City Commissioners not to have applied pressure.

Florida State did it again! Won another game. Now 8-0. Wowie! Beat Wake Forest 41-16.

Only 5 teams left undefeated in major college football. Florida state one of them. Ranked #4 nationally.

My grandson Robert reported on the game immediately afterwards. He is an intern with Nole Gameday. Writes for them, has a reserved seat in the press box, follows Florida State sports. And only a sophomore!

His article last night: “Florida State Fans React to Florida State University’s Impressive 41-16 Win Over Wake Forest.” You can it find at

Bad guys keep gaining ground. Steve Banner, for example. He stands in front with Trump re using the House to adversely affect House activities. Banner is as far right a political activist as a person can get. He has stood for years in the forefront of tearing down the U.S. government. In fact, all governments. He is a destroyer.

Bannon issued a stern warning to Congressional Republicans imploring them to reject compromise on funding legislation and to shut the government down.

As I have written several times in the past, Bannon, together with Newt Gingrich, has had his nose in Vatican business in an effort to bring Pope Francis’ Papacy down and replace it with U.S. bishops who are opposed to Francis and give him a hard time every chance they get.

Federal Judge Aileen Cannon is “slowing” and “stalling” the Mar-a-Lago documents case to the benefit of Trump. Trump appointed, she is a disgrace to the bench. Justice is supposed to be blind and not play favorites.

I doubt Speaker Mike Johnson will have a a Republican majority sufficient to win special votes as he proceeds. He received a majority when elected Speaker only because Republicans wanted to avoid further embarrassment.

I am glad Pence dropped out of the Presidential race. He never would have made it. Additionally if he had been elected, he would have made a terrible Presidnet. His religious beliefs are so far off the wall so as to be abnormal. 

The man has always scared me because of those beliefs. The new Speaker Johnson does also. A religious fanatic. He believes religion and government are intertwined, not separate.

Enjoy your Sunday!


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