How women’s rights were viewed 100 years ago. An editorial in the Key West Citizen this day in 1918. Note an “editorial.” Took on more importance back then: “When the women take over the county offices, the cuspidors will go out of the courthouses. With a woman judge on the bench, the lawyers will have to quit smoking. And with women councilmen we may expect ordinances making it a misdemeanor to wear a dirty shirt or come downtown unshaven. There is considerably more to this woman suffrage question beyond what appears on the surface.”

The editorial was born of fear and ignorance. Nothing really changed as women’s rights were recognized.

Matthew 11:29: “Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

I started driving in 1953. One gallon of unleaded gas cost $ .28. Those were the days!

I recall being on a date with a girl friend. Looked like we were going to run out of gas. All we had was some change between us. Totaled $ .25. Not enough for even one gallon. Even got our windows washed for the money. Bought us enough gas to drive to our favorite parking spot. Necking time. Dating back then.

The new Florida cross-state Brightline train service opened from Miami to Orlando friday. The Miami/West Palm Beach portion had opened in 2018. Tampa to Orlando still in the planning stage.

Basically, a high speed local. Took a while to complete construction. Tampa/Orlando will make it almost perfect. Hopefully at some point in time, Brightline will be extended to Tallahassee.

Sophia Loren is 89. Still going strong. Typical of 80 year olds (as I well know), she fell in her home in Switzerland yesterday morning and fractured her hip and thigh bone. She underwent surgery in the afternoon. Everything is reported to have gone well.

Sabrina Peckham, the women found in the jaws of an alligator, was a homeless person. It has been reported she was walking back to her homeless site in the dark when the attack occurred. The path took her along a canal in Largo, Florida.

Doug Bennett publishes “This Week on the Island.” I recommend reading it.

A favorite Bennett admonition re Key West: “Close to Perfect, Far from Normal.”

Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter are beyond amazing!

The former Presidnet will be 99 in one week. He was diagnosed close to death several months ago. Placed in Hospice in February. Wife Rosalyn was diagnosed with dementia in May.

Yesterday, both made an appearance at the Plains Peanut Festival in their hometown. They rode through the Festival in a black SUV.

The couple has been married 77 years.

Will the gun war ever be won?

California banned magazines holding over 10 rounds. A federal court judge declared the law unconstitutional writing: “The state’s ‘sweeping ban’ of the detachable magazines – something referred to as high capacity magazines – violates the Second Amendment rights of firearms owners because it bars people from using such magazines for lawful reasons, including self-defense.”

Who needs a 10 plus round magazine for self-defense?

What about killing school children , religious worshipers, and the like?

What is needed is a judge with “balls” to do the right thing!

Army’s defensive tackle Andre Miller is out of the hospital and back at West Point after a scary collision saturday during play. I reported on the collision of helmets in yesterday’s blog.

An amazing and dramatic move. On this day in 1926, Henry Ford announced an 8 hour, 5 day work week for workers at the Ford Motor Company.

Christopher Reeves was born this day in 1952. Best known for his portrayal of Superman in movies.

I saw a rerun of his on TV the other night: Somewhere In Time. One of my all time favorite Reeves’ films. A sensitive love story.

I met the star and his wife Dana at a fund raising function in Utica. This was after his horse fall which left him a quadriplegic. We chatted briefly. It was sad to see this handsome hulk of a man confined to a wheel chair with no body movement possible, yet able to communicate a bit.

There will be no blog tomorrow. I have a heart doctor office visit in the morning and a manicure and pedicure with Tammy in the afternoon.

Enjoy your day!

7 comments on “WOMEN’S RIGHTS 100 YEARS AGO

  1. What kind of woman would let her date fondle her tits in a public theatre on their first date?

    Republican congresswomen!

    and if you were a Republican woman working for the White House, you’ve probably already been groped in public bu Rudy Giuliani and if you didn’t rebut and report that, you are really no different than Loren Bobert

    If you are a women and support anything Republican and NOT condemning this – share the guilt.

    • Hey Lou, what kind of true gentleman would ever fondle a woman’s breasts in a public theater. Must be a liberal democrat with no morals. See Karen, situations should be evaluated from both sides!

      • More likely a preacher who couldn’t help himself while getting an unexpected hand job from his new date.

        Poor “Both Sides” false equivalency nonsense, InWis. Maybe you should spend more time reflecting on just how bad that was and how to end this nightmare, rather than defend today’s out of control, no morals Republicans.

      • InWis – You seem to miss the whole point. Had Mrs. Bohbert, rejected the physical advances of her apparently “pick-up” date, or not initiate or perform overt act’s of lewdness herself, then maybe Karen, and the rest of the world would NOT be asking “What Kind of Woman do this sort of thing” and we could all go back to just blaming Biden for everything.

        It doesn’t matter what this dude did, apart from being somewhat wisconsin like in it’s crudeness and bad taste.

        I too wonder, and am thankful to be able to ask, what kind of woman, let alone a congresswoman, would do this?

        Other side evaluated done!

  2. I too think what is needed, not just with gun issues, are judges with “balls” to do the right thing! But we don’t have too many of those judges any more. The political right (Republicans) has seen nearly half a century stacking all the courts with judges that will do what they want done, not what is right. We need to start electing officials who will appoint judges who are NOT beholding to anything but doing the right thing independently of their political benefactors

    • Honest Judges appointed Wikiedia 341 Corrupt 277

      Honest Judges appointed Ballotpedia 424 Corrupt 376

      The number of judges was and is, +not the issue!

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