Enjoyed lunch at Hogfish thursday after Lori cut my hair. An opportunity to chat with Julia again who was bartending.

The day was sort of double duty. Twenty five years ago when Lori started cutting my hair, it was at the Casa Marina Salon. Julia worked there also. Doing nails as I recall. Now I get to see both ladies on certain thursdays. Lori does my hair and Julia feeds me.

Lunch was unusual. I went for fish and chips. Changed my mind when I saw on the special menu lasagna! No way at Hogfish. But, there it was.

I ordered it. The size way too large. Took more than half home. Enjoyed pat of it for dinner last night. Like many foods, even better when reheated and eaten the second time around. What a meal!

The House has very few days left to avoid a government shutdown.

So why did Speaker McCarthy send the House home ? Gave them 4 days off.

Disaster in the making. House MAGA Republicans and their behind the scenes leader Donald Trump should be proud they are driving the Nation to a disaster. They may celebrate their success next week. They will fail in many respects come November 2024.

Senator Bob Menendez is going to have a hard time beating the new charges filed against him. Just under $500,000 in cash found stuffed in jacket pockets in his closet openly and in envelopes.. Gold bars in other places. Plus a new Mercedes and an apartment, both of which he did not pay for.

He’s in trouble!

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell has not looked good on TV the past few days. I fear for him.

It was announced Biden will be in Michigan tuesday and will walk in the picket line with UAW strikers.

Cassidy Hutchinson says Trump is “dangerous for the country.” She should know, she worked in the White House.

Zelensky is a man under extreme pressure. He has been so since day one of the war.

He stepped on Poland in his UN speech this past week. Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecui took Zelensky’s words to heart. He said afterwards: “I want to tell Presidnet Zelensky never to insult Poland again, as he did recently during his speech at the UN.”

Poland has been a major supporter of Ukraine in many respects. Morawiecui  said Warsaw would no longer arm Ukraines and instead focus on its own defenses.

It is thought the problem will resolve itself within a month.

A sick horrific tale. A woman was sentenced for murdering her 3 year old stepdaughter because the girl was conceived from an affair her husband had.

Bella Seachrist died died due to starvation and neglect. Investigators reported Bella also had bruises on her face and body, a broken nose, burnt cigarette marks on her body, sores on her feet, sores on her back, and bruises in her pelvic area.

The stepmother Laura Ramirez was sentenced to life in prison. Death would have been better. Death slowly and painfully. She should have been made to suffer as her stepdaughter did.

Sounds cruel on my part. Nevertheless, fitting.

Ray Charles: “You better live every day like your last because one day you’re going to be right.”

Clarence Thomas’ ethics violations never ending. Now revealed he participated in at least two Koch donor events. Some participants had multiple cases before the Supreme Court.

Thomas became over the years a tool of the rich. The man had no shame.

United Way puts out a report titled ALICE Survival Budget. Its newest report shows Monroe County continuing to be one of the most difficult and expensive places to live in Florida, if not the country. Makes clear why people of all ages are finding it necessary to leave.

Syracuse/Army at noon today on ESPN.

Enjoy your day!

4 comments on “LUNCH AT HOGFISH

  1. Yep, Senator Bob Menendez is in trouble yet again, seems like every four years, just before a presidential election he’s brought up in some sort of scandal. He usually gets out of what always seems just a smear, who knows this time.

    Wonder if Republicans are making a mistake this time trying to make him a big deal again to try and show how corrupt the Democrts are, or how both sides do this sort of thing. Menendes doesn’t seem nearly s bad as Clarence Thomas or Trump himself, or half of the Republicans in congress. Maybe they’re going to wish they hadn’t tried this Menendez thing, yet again!

    • The whole Menendez thing would be just another acceptable sh*t show if he was a Republican senator and probably never indicted or brought to trial.

      I think everybody knows that!

  2. Trump is also cumming to Detroit, to be with the Autoworkers in support of their strike.

    Because he’s a man of the working clas and supports labor unions?

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