Some Jimmy Buffett recollections. Taken from Key West On The Edge by Robert Kerstein.

In 1980, Buffett recalled his early days in Key West: “I was fast footloose and fancy free and going crazy. We didn’t have much money and didn’t know about cocaine so we stayed drunk a whole lot. Key West was the most wonderful place I’d ever seen in my life. That’s why I wrote about it, and that is the way I still feel about it.”

“Living in Key West in the early seventies was not like being in America…..You could not live in Key West without being exposed to Cuban culture.”

Besides Cuban culture, Buffett celebrated other elements of Key West’s mix as well, including “the wonders of musicians, Conchs, rowdy shrimpers, and drug smugglers.”

Buffett was glad the gay community benefited from the fact that the “Puritans had never made it this far south.”

Buffett’s hangouts in the Key West of the 1970’s: The Old Anchor Inn on Duval street, the Chart Room in the Pier House, Louie’s Backyard which was located behind his house on Waddell Street, and the Full Moon Saloon on United Street.”

The move to rename the Key West Airport to the Jimmy Buffett International Airport is gaining steam. A petition to that effect is being circulated. Public sentiment supports the move.

Cassidy Hutchinson’s new book “Enough” has many interesting revelations. Two especially stand out.

One where she claims Giuliani “groped her” while they were standing backstage as Trump was talking to the crowd on January 6. His hand up her skirt.

The other, the “real reason” why Trump would not wear a mask during COVID. It ruined his bronze make up. 

Attorney General Merrick Garland was treated abusively by Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee yesterday for 5 hours. He held his own and forcefully rebuked the Congressional Republicans.

The Republicans acted as expected. Like bullies. Their heads up their asses. They did not embarrass Garland, they embarrassed themselves. 

Issues were rarely discussed. “Alleged wrongdoing” by Garland, the DOJ and FBI the Republican issues. 

The longer House Republicans keep this conduct up, the more they will guarantee a sweeping Democratic victory in 2024. The people, regardless of party, are increasing in their dislike for the type governing Congressional Republicans are guilty of.

Senator Tommy Tuberville’s door preventing the approval of 301 military promotions opened “slightly” yesterday. Three top positions are in the process of being approved. Will take several days to accomplish.

Three out of three hundred one. Big deal! Better than nothing. However, not enough. My attitude re Tuberville: Throw the bum out!

Key West’s COVID of the 1890’s was yellow fever. On this day in 1899, 45 new cases were reported bringing the total to 438.

How many remember TV’s “Perry Mason” which starred Raymond Burr? It premiered on CBS this day in 1957.

Citizens’ Voice this morning: “Keep our courts the way they are. Period. End of story.”

Yesterday’s marijuana is today’s fentanyl and cocaine. An example is former Hallandale Mayor John Steele who was arrested in 1974 in Key Largo for possessing $1.5 million worth of marijuana smuggled from Jamaica.

Will there be a government shutdown? Only 9 days left. How stupid a shutdown would be. Five House members can force the shutdown. In the Senate, one Senator can block 301 promotions. What happened to government by a majority?

Trump does the implausible again. Yesterday, he used his social media account to order the House of Representatives to shut down the government. So far, House Republicans appear to be complying. 

Trump’s post included: “Republicans can and must defund all aspects” of the government.

Amazing how House Republicans continue to dance to Trump’s tune. When Trump says jump, they ask, “How high?” When Trump says overthrow American democracy, they say, “Name the date and time.”

Cripple the economy, destroy the lives of millions of Americans, throw the country into chaos, House Republicans say, “Yes, Dear Leader.”

I worry so many Americans still believe in and support Trump.

Have to hustle. Haircut time with Lori at noon. Missed last week. Forgot.

Enjoy your day!


  1. You don’t really need to ask “What happened to government by a majority?” do you Lou ?

    …and this isn’t one or two Republicans, it is all Republicans acting out bad governance, like spoiled children. Because they really don’t know how or care to govern. they only know how to disrupt.

  2. Republicans are not just not governing, they have no intention of doing so, and do not seem to even know how. Their sole intentions are to disrupt and deny. This is not good for Americans or America.

    They ARE in the majority, but choose not to even advance their own governance legislation. They are only doing things that destroy our democracy and our way of life. Why are they there?

    It is time we stop electing Republicans, at least until they decide to govern, instead of obstruct.

  3. Forget it, they have no interest in governing. It is all about the power and the perks. They don’t even pretend anymore – too busy trying to out do each other and diminish anyone they think is in the way. It’s all about “NO”

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