Alligators are in the news this year. Deathly so.

Forty one year old Sabrina Peckham’s body was found in the jaws of a 13 foot alligator in waters off Largo, Florida. Her body was recovered.

No further details are available.

Key West weather. Heavy rainfall and thunder during the night. Lightening flashing through the blinds. Rain continues to pour as I write. Thunderstorms predicted to end around 9 am.

Usual Key West streets are probably flooded this morning.

Thunderstorms are predicted everyday for the next week.

This day in 1789, the first Supreme Court was established  by the Judiciary Act of 1789. Six justices to serve till death or retirement.

Since that time, the number of justices has fluctuated. Such possible because the original number of six was set by an act of Congress.

Ergo, it is legally proper to change the number again. If adverse conservative decisions continue which are contrary to the will of the people, I am all for increasing the number to eliminate the problem.

Mahatma Gandhi: “All through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fail. Think of it – always.”

The Associated Press reported this morning Speaker McCarthy is giving hard right Republicans what they want, but it never seems to be enough. The MAGA far right has but one goal. To disrupt life for millions of Americans by hurling the country into a shutdown.

Then, what?

Hospital malpractice more than tripled over 3 years in Maryland hospitals. The years 2019-2022. Staffing shortages and the pandemic blamed. 

Examples of missteps included a premature baby being given four times the safe daily dosage of a steroid for 13 days, a patient being operated on one leg who ended up losing his good leg, and 3 people who died after a maintenance worker inadvertently shut off an unlabeled oxygen line.

I believe the numbers would be roughly the same if hospital wrongdoing in other states were revealed. I also believe there is another reason for the increase in malpractice. Most hospitals are owned and run by outside corporations who are more concerned with number of patients treated, number of tests given, and speed at which patients are tested.

Forced speed care ends up in mistakes being made. Can’t be helped. A fact of life. Latitude in care is required to avoid such happenings. Means the “outside corporation” making a few million less a year.

Syracuse/Army one of the oddest football games I have watched. A terrific game. Different, however.

Syracuse won 29-16. I did not think it would end that way at the end of the first half, however.

Army was leading 10-7. Army had dominated the first. Syracuse could do nothing correctly. Schrader didn’t have it.

Army scored the first time it had the ball. Impressively. Mostly on runs. Army’s offensive line was like a stone wall. Moved forward on each play protecting the runner. Syracuse totally inept. Could not stop Army.

Army also plays some strange football. Rather than kick on 4th down, it would run a play. Made 3 or 4 4th down plays in the first half. Wow!

I sat thinking at half time no way was Syracuse going to win.

The second half was totally different. As Army had dominated the first half, Syracuse dominated the second. Even more so. In the third quarter alone, Syracuse gained 222 yards while the Syracuse defense held Army to 4 yards. The improbable had occurred. Syracuse had come alive. Schrader’s throwing arm and running legs began working. Receivers catching.

What a game!

Clemson next Saturday. Will also be “what a game!”

Army’s defensive lineman Dre Miller was injured during the game. He and another Army tackler struck helmets while making a tackle.

The game was delayed quite a while. Miller’s injury serious. Total silence in the Dome.  Fear and concern evident.

Eventually even both teams surrounded the many giving care to Miller as he lay unmoving on the ground. He was finally removed from the field on a stretcher. The fear of paralysis though unspoken was evident.

Report this morning is Miller has feeling in his extremities. Let’s pray he fully recovers with no permanent disability.

Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Lou, you gullible cream puff. It’s not the HARD RIGHT wanting something, it is the ENTIRE RIGHT.

    More importantly, the ONLY thing they want is to shut down the government. McCarthy and Jesus Christ himself could say OK to EVERYTHING they say they want and they would still refuse to give in, because what they WANT is to shut down the government.

    Get real Lou, Republicans today are the terrorists we should be afraid of. They are bullies and we need to eradicate that part of our society or we’ll pay the consequence as sure as ypu can rely on Donald Trump lying about something again.

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