The Lower Keys Medical Center is a money maker. Typical of many hospitals today, it is owned by an outside corporation Community Health Systems of Brentwood, Tennessee.

Lower Keys Medical Center sent $31 million in profit to its owner for 2022. Terrific for Community Health Systems, no value to Key West. The Key Werst area does not have enough doctors, no cancer center, or a top shelf cardiac care center. Brentwood should do something with a piece of the $31 million to correct these shortcomings.

The Lower Keys are not a place to need ongoing cancer treatments or needful attention re heart care. I have a special concern. I have a heart problem. I have required care for 20 years. At my age, the problem is suddenly progressing. In the past two years, I have had 3 heart doctors. One died after 20 years, the second retired and I just learned this morning my third is leaving Key West. Most of my heart care has been from nurse practitioners the past two years. Definitely the past year. 

My understanding is Key West has only 3 heart physicians left.

There is another medical disparity. Primary care physicians. They are the first line of medical attention. More are needed.

Key West is a paradise. However even doctors cannot afford to live here and that is a reason why many leave or do not want to locate here. Increased living expense is also a reason why many locals are opting to move away. And to the elderly especially, lack of sufficient medical care.

The medical assistance problem is only getting worse. I don’t know the answer. I can only suggest one may be for Community Health Systems to spend a portion of that $31 million profit to attract and keep the medical care the community needs.

Possible court consolidation is being responded to in volumes by Monroe County residents. Persons directly and adversely affected by the proposed change.

The people of Monroe County are speaking. A public survey resulted in 2,087 responses. Of that number, 1,490 or 71 percent came from Monroe County residents.

Hooray for us!

Monroe County must keep up the pressure. This is one battle Tallahassee cannot be permitted to win.

Retired Monroe County Judge Defoor said it effectively: “Delivery to justice closest to the people is more just, and more respected by all concerned, and suspect more economical with less waste. We should be looking at the idea of more, not fewer circuits.”

Yesterday, I wrote about the number of yellow fever cases, new and total, in Key West on September 21, 1899. Part of my today COVID the yellow fever of the 1890’s.

Today, one day later, the number of new yellow fever cases for September 22, 1899, was up 47. Two resulting in death.

Locals so concerned with the epidemic instituted a “shotgun quarantine” against all Key Westers by patrolling and placing signs on the water’s edge warning sponge boats and other Key West vessels not to land.

For years up to and including World War II, the U.S. Navy had what might be described as an abnormal interest in the “moral condition” of Key West. The need to protect its sailors “abnormal.”

In 1917, the U.S. Navy reported the moral condition of Key West had improved. Though gambling and illegal liquor sales had not been fully eradicated, Key West was given “an almost clean bill of health.”

Wonder what the U.S. Navy’s concern was with the Key West of the 1970’s?

Three to four inches of rain fell yesterday morning. It was intense. Flooded many Old Town streets. I had to change course several times on my way to a haircut with Lori.

Learned by me and other American students early in grammar school. Nathan Hale’s words at the age of 21 when he was hung as a spy by the British during the Revolutionary War: “I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.”

With so many changes in what is taught in schools today, is it still part of the teaching curriculum? Has anyone seen fit to ban his words in teaching or library books?

My inquiry not so crazy in view of the many changes being sought and made.

Zelensky has a problem with funding. Yesterday Poland, next week perhaps the U.S.

Why so many crazies re the issue? If Ukraine falls, expect Putin to invade Poland in the next 5 years and China Taiwan whenever.

Why can’t House politicians leave well enough alone? Biden did a great job bringing the U.S. and Europe together on the issue.

Rome was not built in a day nor can the Ukraine/Russia war be resolved in 1 or 2 years. Especially when Zelensky is forced to fight with one arm tied behind his back. He needs planes yesterday and approval to attack Russia more than he has been permitted. The Russian people will force Putin to end the war if they suffer a few months of death, injuries and damages as the Ukraines have.

“If we don’t get the aid, we will lose the war.” Zelensky’s words yesterday following a meeting with certain Congressional members.

Tomorrow Syracuse/Army football. Syracuse 3-0, Army 2-1. Syracuse a 13.5 point favorite.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Community Health Systems of Brentwood, Tennessee, cam make 31 million dollars in PROFIT off the Lower Keys Medical Center, in Key West, but can’t afford to pay doctors enough to live in the Keys?

    What does that tell all of us about our for profit medical system here in America?

    Too much, I think? Time for a change?

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