An insult to Key West’s Dog Beach.

A Ryan Krogh published on 6/18/23 “The 11 Most Friendly Dog Beaches In The U.S.”

He failed to list Key West’s Dog Beach. Our fury friends have one of the best beaches in Key West. Our pets are not treated as second class citizens. Even a top shelf neighbor. Dog Beach is next door to famed Louie’s Back Yard.

Ryan Krogh blew it!

Unregulated submersibles.

“Titan” that appears lost. Which would mean all 5 aboard are dead. If the vessel is still intact, experts say it would have run out of oxygen at 7 this morning.

Titanic’s bad luck followed it.

A “suicide mission.”

Those who paid to go now appear to have been foolish, to have taken their lives in their own hands by their decision. They paid $250,000 each. The cost of a ticket to death.

The censure of Rep. Adam Schiff by the House yesterday a disgrace.

Schiff is an outstanding American. He paid the price for fighting Trump and Trumpism for several years. The censure “a black mark on his record.” An undeserved one. The result of political get evenism. 

Schiff presently a candidate for the U.S. Senate to represent California. Several excellent candidates in the Democratic race. I hope he wins the primary. He deserves it. He deserves thereafter to win the Senate race itself. America needs him!

Next, the word is House Republicans plan on impeaching Biden. To get even for what “was done to Trump.” Also to make Biden look bad going into the 2024 Presidential race.

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito pulled a Clarence Thomas. He took a private jet plane to Alaska and back for a fishing trip in 2008 as the guest of an individual whose held a significant interest in a company that came before the Supreme Court. The same individua had interests in at least ten other matters that came before the Supreme Court.

Alito never disclosed nor recused himself.

I have written several times in the past re Alito’s wrongdoings, missteps, etc. I am doing further research and will report further in a few days.

The GI Bill was signed by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt this day in 1944. A free college education and other benefits for those who fought for the U.S. in World War II.

The Bill a smart move! A great move! Made more “doctors, lawyers and Indian chiefs” than would have been possible without. Uplifted persons and families socially and economically.

Roosevelt was a brilliant President in many ways. The GI Bill only one example. His greatest achievement was leading the U.S. through World War II to victory.

On this day 1937, Joe Louis knocked out Jim Braddock to become World Heavyweight Boxing Champion. Louis defended his title to World War II. His last fight early in the war was with Billy Conn. Louis defeated Conn after a hell of a fight. Louis promised Conn first shot at him after the war.

The war ended. The fight took place at Yankee Stadium on 6/19/46. Louis easily won.

Louis fought 69 times. Won 66, 52 by KO. Lost 3.

Many consider Louis the greatest boxer of all time. Even greater than Muhammad Ali.

I am 2 days post the nuclear test which I took tuesday. The exhaustion stayed with me till dinner time yesterday. I never experienced such exhaustion following other similar testing.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Congress is not just censuring Adam Schiff, they are destroying democracy in America, with intimidation and political revenge. All on the floor of the House of Representatives. Shameful, arrogant and an abuse of power.

    Especially when these very same people won’t even speak out about the money laundering, wire fraud, theft of public funds and lying to the U.S. House, all federal charges brought against one of their own, George Santos.

    Just one more reason to be embarrazzed about America

  2. Andy, it’s not just that Republicans are embarras*ing everybody with their failure to speak out about George Santos’ very real criminal behavior, but what about the runaway corruption at the Supreme Court. How is it they can go after Hunter Biden who is not even in the government and then do nothing about Alito and Thomas (so far). It looks to me like Republicans are eager to ignore what’s right and what not, at just about every turn, and not just with their pool boys but their highest leadership.

  3. Hold on!

    Trump hasn’t paid ANY taxes, for YEARS despite his personal accountant being tried and fount guilty of falsifying his (Trump’s) returns and he is now in jail.

    It is one thing for Hunter Biden to have been prosecuted for far far less and Trump give a free p-ss, but Republicans making a big public deal about Hunter Biden, who’s basically a nobody, and not saying anything about Trump’s far more serious crimes?

    I think Republicans are treating America badly, they work only for themselves, not the American people.

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