Modern day autocrats want a “private army” answerable only to themselves. In addition to the large military force nations have which are generally answerable to a government as a whole. For Putin, it was a group of mercenaries led by “his friend” Yevgeniy Prigozhin. Commonly referred to as the Wagner forces.

The group began in 2014. It has played a significant role in Russia’s war with Ukraine.

Putin has blown it with the Ukraine. A 3 day war is well into its second year. Ukraine has fought well against the purported mighty Russian forces. Embarrassing for Putin.

Rostov is a city south of Moscow. An important Russian military location. Prigozhin took control of significant military buildings yesterday. His mercenary troops total 25,000. They are moving north “aiming to get to Moscow.” He asked asked the Russian people to join him.

A rebellion/coup in the making.  

Brings to mind the children’s rhyme Humpty Dumpty. Recall: Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall / Humpty Dumpty took a great fall / All the king’s horses and all the king’s men could not put Humpty together again.

Is Putin a modern day Humpty Dumpty? Could be. The world will know in due course. Could be in a matter of days. Again, even hours would not surprise me.

Putin has reacted in typical KGB fashion. Describes events as a “rebellion.” It is. With his usual bravado, vows to stop it. He told the Russian people Prigozhin is “a threat to the nation.” He has ordered the Russian military to fight. He has threatened Prigozhin’s forces with “harsh consequences” and that they will “suffer inevitable punishment.”

What is occurring reminds me of the Russian Revolution of 1917. Tsar Nicholas II failed to pay attention to problems at home. Instead devoted his time to Russia’s participation in World War I. 

Putin is guilty of a major mistake in invading the Ukraine. Prigozhin is calling him on it. Putin has failed to sit in the Kremlin and speak truth to his people. He has bullshitted them as to why he invaded Ukraine. Now in needing help to win a war he is slowly but surely losing, he is running all over looking for assistance from countries like China, India, and others. Mighty Russia seeking help from others. Putin with his hand out, short of being on his knees.

This revolution/coup will be short lived as I indicated earlier. Days, perhaps even hours.

If Putin were smart, he should attack Rostov and Prigozhin’s forces immediately with missiles and bombs. Destroy them in one big attack. Otherwise Humpty Dumpty will not rise. Once the Russian people understand they have been misled, they will turn on Putin. They will not want innocent blood shed on their homeland.

Putin faces an additional problem. I doubt he is capable of running two wars at one time. One in Ukraine, the other on Russian soil.

Modern day authoritative figures think the same way when it comes to “private armies.” Putin saw the wisdom in it when he got his then friend Prigozhin to join him with one in 2014.

Two U.S. autocratic figures experienced desires to form “private armies” answerable directly and solely to them. Trump and DeSantis.

In 2020, Trump unleashed federal law enforcement officers against protesters in Portland. It is against U.S. law to deploy armed forces inside the U.S. If he had continued, the U.S. would have unquestionably become a banana republic. It would have been adios to our form of government.

Trump wanted his own “private army” so as to lay the groundwork for a coup in November if he lost the election.

No army, but a mass of followers responded to Trump on January 6. The “coup” fortunately failed.

Now comes DeSantis. A copy cat when it comes to Trump.

In 2022 and 2023, DeSantis proposed a new Florida “civilian military force.” One which he would solely control. Not to be a part of the Florida National Guard. An additional force to be known as the Florida State Guard. Sounded like a Gestapo unit to me.

DeSantis asked the legislature for $93 million. The legislature gave him $107 million.

DeSantis’ army! A “civilian volunteer force.” For whatever reason, only 200 members thus far.

Difficult to comprehend why DeSantis would want his own private army. All I can think is DeSantis decided if it was good enough for Trump, it was good enough for him. MAGA birds of a feather. One other thought, it was part of his long term plan to become commander in chief of the whole country.

I’m pulling for Prigozhin. He may end up being as bad as Putin. Who knows at the moment. One thing sure however, it will end the Ukraine disaster.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Wasn’t that nonsense in Portland the one all those right wing trolls on your blog tried to blame Antifa as the wrongdoers, not Trump’s thugs. I remember your MAGA readers trying to paint Antifa as “Fascists” because the name sounded bad and they were so used to winning by calling people Commies or what ever suited them at the rime. Never bothered them that Antifa actually stands for “Anti Fascists” You attract some weird friends Lou.

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