Key West is killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. It has been so doing the past few years. Nothing is forever. Things run in cycles. The greed being manifested will end up choking itself.

Price gouging rampant. Everywhere, everything. From homes to hotel prices to dinner meals to alcoholic beverages.

Most merchants have forgotten that what goes up, comes down. Inevitable. Certain.

Some hotels were charging $1,100 during season. With the season gone and things having returned to the way they were pre COVID, prices are lower. Though still too high. The better restaurants charging so much that it is guaranteed the bill is going to easily average $100 a head. Mixed drinks $14-$16. Wine up there also. Then there are those bars that are charging for ice cubes. They add them on to a drink order as “rocks.”

The term is “price gouging.” To some, “screw the customer.”

A comment in Citizens’ Voice this morning motivated my comments: “Just learned that the Parrotheads’ annual event will leave Key West. They are tired of the outrageous price gouging and the political interference in Key West. It’s time to make a change in elected officials and restore joy to our island.”

Having lived in Key West some 30 years, the Parrothead comment requires some clarification. Yes, hundreds come for the annual Parrothead meeting each year. One comment I have always heard however was that they were not spenders. They ate and drank wherever their convention was being held and the food provided as part of their package. Their right. 

Similar comment re cruise ship passengers. They are here for a day. Buy a T-shirt, have a few rinks on Duval and return to their ships for their already paid lunches and dinners.

Be aware that the comment re price gouging is one I have been hearing frequently around the island the past couple of years. And I have experienced the feeling since I spend a buck!

There are some places that are not expensive. Harpoon Harry’s, for example. A favorite of mine for breakfast and lunch for 20 years.

A new discovery this past year is Brandy’s Irish Pub on Flagler. A $16 drink downtown costs $6.50. Same size glass for Beefeater or Tanqueray on the rocks. A dinner entre $10-$15.

I have become a once a week customer at Brady’s. A locals place. The people friendly. The food good.

I was there last night. They have the best wings in town. Two gins on the rocks, a diet Pepsi, and a wings dinner cost me $23.

Made some new friends last night at Brady’s. Surprised I did not leave with two black eyes and a broken nose. The new friends Diane and Tommy Feaser. Diane the pugilistic one. She and her husband are Trumpies. Diametrically opposite to my liberal Biden loving way of thinking. 

All talk of course. No physical contact. I enjoyed their company. Look forward to meeting up with them again.

The two live in Big Pine. Retired. Diane a former commodity broker. Tommy, a New York City fireman. Tommy was there in the midst of it all on 9/11. When the second tower fell, he was right next to it. He and some of his buddies ducked under a two story structure as the tower toppled next to them. He had pictures of the day and where he was saved as the second tower fell.

They have 5 children and 8 grandchildren.

Second marriages for both.

Diane a world traveler. She has been all over Europe. Especially likes Germany and Ireland. Australia, also.

I would describe them as black hearted Republicans. They will never change. They are part of that solid 30 percent.

We talked a bit if not Trump, who? They could not understand how I thought DeSantis was the worst also. Diane’s favorite, if not Trump or DeSantis, Joe Manchin. Horrible! She could not understand how I thought him a piece of shit. 

I actually enjoyed my evening. They did too. We proved you can disagree and still get along. Though there were moments I was not sure.

You must read Dana Millbank’s column published this morning in the Washington Post: As Trump Is Arrested, Republicans Honor The Insurrectionists.

During the same hour Trump was surrendering to federal authorities in Miami, a “mock hearing” was held in Washington, D.C. “chaired” by Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene and four other far right lawmakers. Its purpose to honor participants in the January 6 riot, family members of the January 6 rioters, and organizers of the attempted overthrow of the 2020 vote.

The “mock hearing” was held with the knowledge, permission and consent of Speaker McCarthy.

Another insult to American democracy.

The five persons aboard Titan were killed as a result of a “catastrophic implosion.” Ocean pressure caused the sides of the submersible to crush inward. Death was instantaneous.

India’s Modi not a democrat at heart. Far from it.

India is now the most populous nation in the world, exceeding even China. The U.S. on one side and Russian and China on the other want India to line up with them.

Such is why each side is “courting” Modi.

Forrest Gump, one of the finest movies of all time, starred Tom Hanks. Hanks played a simple yet kindhearted soul who experienced serendipitous brushes with greatness. 

The movie was released this day in 1994 by Paramount Pictures.

Enjoy your day!



  1. Lou, I wonder about you sometimes. I don’t know that I could get through an evening, a dinner, or even a single drink with anyone who openly admitted to still being an admirer and supporter of Jeffery Epstein, Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein or Donald Trump, given their convicted involvement of rape and other despicable abuses of women. I think I would regret even engaging anyone like that for as much as a single minute after I learned that was their disposition.

    What is a matter with you Lou?

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