Wow! What a surprise “ending” to Russia’s civil war yesterday! Nary a shot fired!

Less than one day.

What now? Beyond me.

If Putin is Putin, he’ll kill Prigozhin. Prigozhin has to be too smart not to realize it. Time will tell how this will all play out. Time involved could be short.

This morning’s news reported Putin left Moscow yesterday for his home on Lake Valdai. Note however his plane fell off radar before it landed. So who knows where he ran off to. Several media items had Moscow big shots leaving town. Most flying to St. Petersburg

Could all be bullshit. Doubt anyone really knows.

The next item in this major event will be interesting. The world is eagerly waiting to learn.

A Mark Twain quote on Facebook this morning: “The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.”

Son-in-law Corey Malcom, Lead Historian at the Library’s Florida Keys History Center, will present “Monroe 200” at 6 pm Wednesday at the Key West Library. His presentation is part of Monroe County’s 2023 bicentennial.

The presentation will include an overview of the forces and events that shaped Monroe County from its inception to today.

An article in a 1998 publication of People Magazine was titled “Donald Trump.” A picture of Donald accompanied the article. An interesting quote by Trump below the photo: “If I were to run, I’d run as a Republican. They’re the dumbest group of voters in the country. They believe anything on FOX News. I could lie and they’d  still eat it up. I bet my numbers would be terrific.”

Bess Levin wrote a piercing Vanity Fair article which was published 6/22. The title: Kari Lake, Gunning For A Spot on Donald Trump’s Ticket, “Practically Lives” At Mar-a-Lago.

Kari is the former failed Arizona gubernatorial  candidate and election denier. Levin wrote she “is apparently at Trump’s Florida resort home  ‘more than Melania is.'” 

Levin claims she is at Mar-a-Lago because she wants to be Trump’s “number two.” She wants to be Vice-Presidnet on his ticket.

I mentioned last week my heart medical tests were concluded. I was wrong again. I was advised Friday another has been scheduled for tomorrow plus a meeting with the doctor. The tests have become tiring. Also interfering with my normal life. I will not be writing a blog tomorrow because of the test and consultation.

Enjoy your Sunday!


10 comments on “RUSSIA’S COUP A QUICKIE

  1. Looks like the coup in Russia was less an issue than the Trump one in 2020 Washington. Shorter, less violent and far more civilized. Not only that but Putin remained in power and Trump is NOT!

    Biden probably wishes he could 17th story window Trump, like one does in Moscow. Would have been a lot less drama. Russians aren’t so dumb, after all!

  2. Trump insults (in a very big way) Republicans calling them “the dumbest group of voters in the country.” One of the few truths he may have ever said.

    Those being the same people you seen to ENJOY having diner with, eh Lew?

  3. So, let me get this straight. For at least the last 35 years, Donald Trump has been regularly spouting outrageous lies and “half truths” even a toad knows are not anything even close to the truth. Now we have this “JS” reader of Lou’s blog, coming out of the woodwork trying to defend Trump for something no one can prove he may or may not have said some 25 years ago, that sounds exactly like something he might have said?

    How weird is that?

    • I’m not defending anyone, especially Trump. Never been a fan and never voted for him either. What was reported as his words in an interview is not the truth. Truth matters, regardless if is serves our agenda or not.

      • But still, it is the truth, isn’t it, even if there is no record of Trump himself actually saying it, at least not found yet.

      • I have read this blog for many many years, and this is the first “truth” I have EVER seen you try and defend. Seems odd and suspicious considering Lou’s blog is filled with pedantic trolls looking to bully the rest of us with unnecessary mood swing innuendo.

        Lou is pretty careful with “pants on fire” comments, so maybe he made a mistake of not verifying something anyone in his right mind would azzume Donald Trumps said 25 years ago. Why would Lou have thought it necessary to look up ANYTHING Trump may or may not have said way back then, especially something so likely prima facie? Fact checking any Trump statement nowadays is a full time job. Besides, Trump probably said that, or something very close to it on an 1988 Oprah Winfrey show anyhow, but who has the time for this nonsense. We all know Trump believes this was true, just look how he treats his Republican base at any given time. He even thinks he can give away our nations top secrets and that his “Dumb as Rocks” Republican voters will still reelect him. After all, his “numbers” are “terrific” (and growing) with those voters in the Republican primary.

        Keep up your new found “truth” crusade, just really make THAT your real agenda and not just the occasional persuasion interjection to suit a more hidden agenda?

        • Truth, when it comes to all things originating from Trump is quite a rare occurrence. No agenda here, just stick to what Trump actually said that is off the rail and deplorable. It isn’t like there is any lack of that. Perhaps I will have to wait another few years to find another absurd statement he is credited for and did not make.

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