Yesterday was one of the best days I have had in a long time. Two events marked the day.

My first involved a visit with Dr. John Norris. He is my primary care physician. 

I had thought my monday heart doctor visit would be the end of three months of endless heart tests. It was not. Instead another step added to the process. A consultation with a Cleveland Clinic doctor. Realization hit. I am heading for bad stuff.

I contacted Dr. Norris. We had two lengthy telephone chats and then an hour long office visit yesterday.

I left feeling a hell of a lot better. I may be heading for some big time surgery, but felt confident. The surgery not a fact yet.

The problem is my heart stops beating for a second or two. Not good. Dr. Norris took the time with charts to explain what was happening and what two surgeries done simultaneously would look like. A pacemaker and aortic valve replacement.

I left feeling a hell of a lot better than when I had arrived. Knowledge is a wonderful thing. At least in my case. Has always been. 

I will be 88 next week. What must be, will be. 

Still hope I can avoid the surgery. Easier to handle another pill.

I have had my share of problems in my lifetime. Many doctors. Norris is the finest diagnostician that has treated me. His practice now a concierge one. Worth every dollar.

Left with a smile and confidence factor. Neither of which I had when I entered his office.

Decided to treat myself to lunch. Harpoon Harry’s for the wednesday turkey special.

Napped a bit in the afternoon. Then at 6 to the Key West Library to hear son-in-law Corey Malcom’s presentation of a history of Monroe County for 200 years.

A brilliant well organized interesting lecture.

I was a history major so things historic in nature excite me. Especially when well prepared and informative.

A good crowd of locals in attendance. A large number of them elderly women. I have been looking for a contemporary for years to no avail. Obviously looking in the wrong places. Must attend more lectures.

Met Russ. He came up afterwards to thank me for my blog. Said he reads it daily. Made me feel good. His wife hugged me. I have chatted with her off and on for years. My frail mind fails me at the moment, not my body. I cannot recall her name for which I apologize.

Corey’s work left me feeling good. Decided to treat myself to dinner. La Trattoria. Unfortunately, I could not find a parking place close enough. My walking has been a bit more limited the past couple of weeks so I must park very close.

Decided to go to Brady’s. A parking lot attached.

The bar maid has become a friend. A Ukraine sitting next to me became a new one. Even blew myself to a gin. It had been a while. Between Norris and Corey, I felt good and wanted to continue the feeling. Topped it off with lasagna.

Home in bed and asleep by 10. Slept soundly. Unusual for me. Woke at 6.

Overall, turned out to be an unusually good day. Hopefully, there will be more.

During my professional career, I made it a habit of knowing “my enemy.” Lawyers and parties on the other side of a lawsuit. Considered it vital to winning. Writing this blog, I do likewise. I occasionally watch FOX and listen to far right talk shows on the car radio.

FOX is bad enough. The radio commentators the worst. Vile and sick. Hard to believe the garbage they vent regarding Biden. Makes Trump look like a saint. Even worse, 30 percent of registered Republicans believe it.

A quiet day ahead. A manicure at noon. Followed by lunch at Hogfish. Then a restful day and evening at home reading, watching an old movie or two on TV and napping.

I have written several times over the years re Social Security. Wrote again yesterday. For whatever reason, rarely do I receive comments re the issue. Does no one care?

Enjoy your day!


    • Nice hearing from you. Getting old not for pussies. Read an interesting article this morning. Claimed St. Peter was Greek. I’m beginning to think everyone was Greek originally!

  1. Re your article on SS : there’s a program where part-time workers (I’m not sure if it only applies to those on SS) don’t pay into SS, but into a private account to be redeemed on termination of employment. This is beneficial to the individual, but, since the employer no longer has to match the funds, it becomes another tax break for them ! It also reduces the $’s going into the SS Fund !
    I feel that this is the first step towards the “privatization” of the program !!

    • Currently, employers pay 6.2%, that’s $6.20 per 100, Not too terrible, and quite a bit less than most sales tax or income tax. Furthermore their obligation is capped at $160,200. Not exactly an onerous amount, with it’s greatest benefit to those NOT making a lot of money (under 160K a year).

      SS has changed the life of most retired Americans, giving them some security, instead of poverty.

      Those making bigger bucks, don’t really benefit, because the SS they might get, isn’t NEEDED so much and is such a small part of their wealth (azzetts) to begin with.

      Republicans want to eliminate it to satisfy the capitalists insidious need to maximize any and all profits, regardless of ant benefits to society, itself.

      ….and political gains

  2. Lou posted—The radio commentators the worst. Vile and sick. Hard to believe the garbage they vent regarding Biden. Makes Trump look like a saint. Even worse, 30 percent of registered Republicans believe it.

    When you can’t change the flawed beliefs of others you fall back and increase the effort to contain them.

    That is what elections are for. VOTE BLUE.

    • I agree, vote the bums out.

      But commenting on “vile” and “sick” radio commentators is a perfectly acceptable effort of expression and effort.

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