Joke on Facebook this morning. Two grandmas in rocking chairs talking: “Used to be ‘Rock around the clock,’ now it’s ‘Limp around the block!'”

Love it!

Speaking of age, would you believe the following? A 101 year old grandmother gave birth to her 17th child.

The 101 year old’s name Anatolia. Resides in Turkey.

Ovary transplant surgery is common in Turkey. Anatolia lost her ovaries at 48 to due to ovarian cancer. She received transplants.

Still working! A sperm donor provided the seed.


Tiring day yesterday. A nuclear stress test which began at 6:30 am. I arrived at the hospital at 6:15 to check in. Procedure long. I did not leave till 9:15.

My game plan was to drive into town for breakfast afterwards. No way! I was totally exhausted. Drove home. Spent the day in bed sleeping and watching old movies on TV.

I am still tired this morning.

I have had 3 or 4 similar tests in the past. Never left me tired. I can’t wait for it to pass.

“Banging” heard in search for Titanic exploratory submarine. A Canadian aircraft detected “banging” noise from the sub’s last known location. The “banging” was heard every 30 minutes.

I sense a miracle if those in the sub are found and recovered alive.

My living and learning continues. Little pieces of information. Tomorrow is called tomorrow. The day after tomorrow, overmorrow.

A crazy non-sensical law. In Alabama, it’s illegal to drive blindfolded.

So much for today. I’m wiped out.

Enjoy your day!


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