Bess Levin in a 4/20 article wrote: “Everything is coming up Murdoch.” The article: In Comically Evil Twist, FOX Will Receive A Huge Tax Break From Its Dominion Settlement.

Levin wrote that thanks to an “arcane line” in the U.S. Tax Code – which allows companies to write off “ordinary and necessary” business expenses – “FOX will be able to deduct the nine figure settlement from its income taxes and receive a tax break up to $213 million.”

Brian Nick, chief communications officer for FOX, confirmed the “tax deduction, but not amount,” to Daniel Shaviro, an NYU tax professor.

Anticipated Supreme Court decision by midnight tonight re mifepristone could be one of the most brazen attacks on America’s health yet. So says Dr. Jack Resnick Jr., President of the American Medical Association.

Joke of the day: An attempt to humorize DeSantis attacks on Disney.

A tongue in cheek report. Yesterday, Governor DeSantis ended his feud with Disney. He has replaced Disney with an attack on the Smurfs. The campaign expected to be a scorched earth one.

In a major policy speech, DeSantis accused the Smurfs of spreading a message of “blue supremacy” and vowed to ban the teaching of Smurf to students from Florida schools.

A break in the Disney tirade.

Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema living well spending more than $100,000 in campaign amounts on jets, limos, luxury hotels and wine.

Not proper fodder for reelection.

Well done!

A Russian warplane accidentally bombed its own city. The Russian city Belgorod. Twenty five miles from the Ukraine border.

The Russian government described the bombing as an “accident.”

Conch Republic Days Celebration begins today. Runs through 4/30. Marks the Conch Republic 1982 invasion of Key West followed by the Conch Republic’s immediate surrender to the U.S. and reinvention of Key West as the independent Conch Republic. 

Many interesting fun filled events. Best from my point of view is the Great Sea Battle at 7 pm on friday 4/28. A sea and air battle. Like you would not believe. Conch Republic bi-planes dropping streaming rolls of toilet paper on U.S. Coast Guard vessels.

Enjoy the week! Festivities every day!

A most enjoyable evening! Dinner last night at La Te Da with Fran and Tom Dixon. Friends for 15 years.

The meal scrumptious. For me, crispy duck.

We had a lot of catching up to do.

Fran always brings me something. A food product she prepared. Some trips home made Italian sauce with chunks of beef and pork. Others home made candy. This trip home made candy. Peanut butter covered in chocolate and fudge. I enjoyed some of both when I returned home. Why not!

We’ll grab another night before they leave.

The day itself busy yesterday. Some business first. Then a manicure with Tammy. Followed by lunch at Hogfish where I enjoyed a blackened grouper Reuben.

On the go all day and night.

Enjoy your today!




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