Alex Okinczyc blows a hell of a horn!

Ralph De Palma wrote Alex’s story for the Paradise Section of the Key West Citizen yesterday. Titled: “Alex Okinczyc, aka Island Alex, Has Music To Spare.” Recommended reading.

Alex grew up in Detroit where he was influenced by Motown. Became hooked on jazz. 

He and his wife Mary have resided in the Keys full time since 1988. In addition to performing alone, Alex has in recent years joined with Larry Smith in entertaining Key West folks.

Alex loves to dive. He has a phenomenal collection of bottles he found on the ocean floor.

His many talents include musical composing. His notable albums Under the Cow Key Bridge, Down the Road, and Save Me Blue Waters. He has published over 50 songs. His most recent reflects the green, smelly stuff appearing on our beaches. The terrible odor material and song bear the same name: Sargasum. Opening words to the tune: Tractors on the beach / Things are piling up / There’s a scent in the air / Hope I don’t throw up!

Right on! Says it all!

At 6 am tuesday, President Biden’s video announcing he was running for President again was shown. Great lines befitting his announcement: “Let’s finish the job…..Four more years…..We’re in a battle for the soul of America…..More to do.”

Forty four percent of Democrats say he is too old at 82 to run again. Trump is close in age at 76. Don’t be blinded by the age number. I consider Biden thus far to have been one of our best Presidents. He saved the nation’s ass after Trump set us on the road to destruction. Don’t punish him for being one of the best. Reward him with another 4 years. We still need him!

Last week following the Clarence Thomas revelations of wrong doing, I suggested all the Supreme Court Justices should be investigated. By the media. I question whether it would be legal for the executive and legislative branches of government to investigate the Court.

The basis for my recommendation was one rotten apple in a bushel will infect some of the other apples.

Already the basis for my recommendation is bearing fruit. Justice Gorsuch has been identified as having a problem. A financial disclosure one. Note also during his questioning by one Senator prior to his approval, Gorsuch said Roe v. Wade was precedent and could not be touched.

One or more of the other Justices will be identified as tainted by scandal. I have been concerned about Amy Coney Barrett since her nomination and have written more than once about my doubts concerning her veracity. My concerns stem from what might be described as her dual religious background. She claimed being Catholic thereby avoiding her formal involvement with a different religion which requires the wife be submissive to the husband. If I recall correctly, she even had her name removed from some article supporting the “other religion” which had previously been published.

Disney has sued DeSantis claiming a political effort to hurt its business. Disney claims DeSantis has waged a “relentless campaign to weaponize government power” over the company. Disney says DeSantis began and has continued “a targeted campaign of government retaliation” which it claims stems from Disney’s criticism of a contentious state education law.

Disney is correct. Win or lose on technical grounds makes no difference. Disney picked on the wrong guy when he took on Mickey Mouse.

Harry Belafonte died tuesday at the age of 96. An outstanding actor and civic activist. He and Sidney Poitier broke the glass ceiling.

After all my testing yesterday, I opted for a late breakfast at Harpoon Harry’s. Breakfast at Harpoon Harry’s has always been eggs benedict for me. For some reason, I changed it yesterday. Ordered a vegetable omelet. Absolutely delicious!

Freedom followed by tragedy. On this day in 1865, the steamer Sultana was carrying freed Union prisoners of war. The Sultana exploded on the Mississippi River near Memphis killing 1,169 passengers.

Two Citizens’ Voice comments befitting today’s conditions.

The first: “The Washington Post has stated that San Francisco now regulates how many homes can be solely rented out by Airbnb. Hmm. Attention, City Commissioners.”

The second: “FKAA, I have toilet tank valves that don’t refill the tank due to low water. Perhaps your board can vote for Water Pressure for Life.”

My blood pressure yesterday at the doctor’s office 110/70. Love it!

A visit at noon with Lori for a haircut. The high point of my day ahead!

Enjoy your day!


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