Judy Blume is one of Key West’s favorite and most loved residents.

One of America’s greatest writers. She ranks with Hemingway. Many works she authored were invaluable to young ladies.

Two of her books have been reduced to film. Both will be available for viewing Friday. Their arrival being referred to as the Spring of Judy Blume.

One is “Judy Blume Forever,” a documentary about her career and influence stream. It will be available on Amazon Prime. The other, a movie adaptation of “Margaret” hits the theaters.

Tom and Fran Dixon have been two of my dearest friends for 15 years. They hail from Buffalo. Tom a Syracuse fanatic as I am. Fran the cook I wish I was. The woman is fabulous! She prepares all kinds of goodies which she brings me on the 3-4 trips they make to Key West each year.

They are here on business also. Tom has a small interest in Ocean Key House and is attending a board meeting this week.

The photo is the three of us taken at La Te Da where we had dinner Thursday night.


Fran and Lou


Recent controversy re court decisions is proving to be a good tool in bringing attention to questionable dealings by judges.

Texas federal judge Matthew J. Kacsmaryk authored the controversial mifepristone decision. His “reward” was a review of his financial disclosure form. Such indicated he redacted the name of a stock he owns that is worth at least $5 million.

Redaction is permissible under certain circumstances. Whatever, sounds strange to me.

Additional information has surfaced re the Supreme Court’s late Friday decision re the mifepristone matter. The vote was 7-2 to delay enforcement of Kacsmaryk’s decision, etc. The majority wrote no decision. Merely an order. Alito and Thomas dissented. Alito wrote a decision which by silence Thomas supported.

Alito’s opinion accused by name three female Justices of hypocrisy. The three Justices Kagan, Sotomayor and Barrett. Kagan and Sotomayor considered liberals, Barrett, conservative. Alito levied the hypocrisy charge because the case was on the “shadow docket” and the three had criticized Alito of its use in the past.

The time has come for Alito and Thomas to retire. Thomas may be impeached. As I have advised in the past, Alito is still bitter he was not elevated to the Chief Justice position years ago when Roberts was so designated. His unhappiness has been reflected in everything he has done as a Justice since.

Republicans are getting ready for the next Presidential election. A major issue at a recent supposedly secret Republican donor retreat was the necessity to make it harder for college students to vote. Also, the need to limit same day voter registration and the automatic mailing of ballots to registered voters.

Republicans would be better to address “issues” instead of how to thwart ease of voting. Will they ever learn?

The E. Jean Carroll – Trump rape trial begins Tuesday in New York federal court.

The case was sued in 2019. It has taken 4 years to reach the trial stage. Trump has avoided the trial like a plague. Even to several applications in the past two weeks to delay the trial.

The jury result is going to be interesting. Trump claims “he did not know her” and she “was not his type.”

Mind boggling: Science Magazine reported more than 19,000 undersea volcanoes have been discovered.

A danger not only because of eruption possibility, but also to submarines. Two American submarines have already been involved.

In 2005, the nuclear powered USS San Francisco collided with one killing a crew member and injuring most on board. In 2021, the USS Connecticut struck a volcano top in the South China Sea causing damage to it sonar array.

Enjoy your Sunday!




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