I have not been to the Chart Room in several months. Before that, a few years. It has changed. Not what it used to be. I decided to return last night with friends who were patrons for more years than me. It’s us in the photo. From the left, Tom and Fran Dixon, Steve Thompson, Louis, ending with Cindy Thompson. Tom and Cindy go back to the 1970’s with the Chart Room. Tom and Fran 20 years. I the baby in the crowd. Fifteen years.

The music was horrendous. Three of us at different times asked the bartender to lower it. Claimed he could not. It was controlled from somewhere else and was either on or off. No in between. He was bullshitting us.

We enjoyed our own company. Spent two hours covering a multitude of items.

As I was leaving, I noticed an extremally lovely woman nearby. She smiled and said hello Louis. Obviously she knew me. Embarrassingly, I could not recall her. Turned out to be Stephanie. We had met only once. At a political party at her home. Then it hit me! The political gathering was pre COVID. She and her husband Dan threw a get to know you event. I recalled her apartment, its location, and of course she and Dan.

I hope to run into them again sooner than 5 or 6 years. Nice people.


Chart room

Chart Room

Fran and Tom return to Buffalo this morning. Steve and Cindy are joining me for dinner at La Te Da friday evening.

President Biden announced via video at 6 this morning he is a candidate for reelection. Good for America! Good for all of us!

Biden took office at a difficult time. Trump had left the country a mess. He salvaged the situation. He has earned reelection.

To replace him with Trump or DeSantis is to deliver our country into authoritarianism. Without question.

Tucker Carlson may be that extra bit that makes the Dominion settlement palatable. Whatever, I am glad he’s gone. He lied to the American public too many years.

Smut may be on the verge of becoming a part of Congressional governing in Washington. Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene accused Democrat Earl Swalwell of having a “sexual relationship with a Chinese spy” during a House Homeland Security Committee hearing. Swalwell’s misdeed occurred 8 years ago in 2015 and is well known in Washington circles.

Greene refused to purge the statement from the record when asked to do so by the Chair.

Someone should have reminded Greene of the Biblical refrain…..Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Greene’s divorce involved infidelity charges on her part.

Congresspersons beware! I would dare say at least half of Congress, if not more, have probably been involved in sexual dalliances over the years. Does Congress or the American people want their dirty wash hung out for all to see?

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis said yesterday that indictments, if there are any, in the Trump probe will be this summer. Between July 11 and September 1.

Willis claims she wants to give local law enforcement time to ready for “heightened security and preparedness.” She fears a possible “significant public reaction” to any indictment.

I don’t understand. Earlier this year, she said an indictment was “imminent.” Now we wait to the summer. Something amiss. Her case is prepared. Why is she waiting to submit it to the grand jury?

In 1898, the Battleship Maine was sunk in Havana Harbor. On this day the same year, Congress declared war on Spain. The Spanish-American war lasted 10 weeks and resulted in an American victory.

On this day in 1984, federal wildlife officials met on Plantation Key to discuss future protection of the Key Largo wood rat and the Key Largo cotton mouse. Few residents were sympathetic to the plight of the endangered rodents. Said one attendee, “We don’t miss the dinosaurs and we’ll never miss these rats…..They should be eradicated.”

Humor! On this day in 1901, New York Governor Odell signed an automobile registration bill which imposed a 15 mph speed limit on highways.

Raining like hell at the moment as it has been all morning.

Enjoy your day!







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