The Supreme Court ruling re mifepristone came down last night. The Court reserved access to the pill for now. It blocked limiting access to it for a time. It ruled in effect the case should take the normal course through the federal court appellate systems.

Beware! I would not trust the Republican majority on the Supreme Court on a stack of Bibles. My fear is they are merely delaying their real intent: To deny access to the pill as they did to abortion in the Dobb’s decision which basically killed abortion in most parts of the U.S.

I am 87. In July will be 88. I have a lot of company. More and more people are “getting old.” In their 80’s and 90’s. A good number making it into the 100’s.

New York Times columnist Gail Collins wrote an interesting article on the topic of aging in today’s Times: “How 90 Has Become The New 60.”

She mentioned her being invited to more and more 90th birthday parties: “The really truly – older cadre is zooming.”

Collins reminds us Biden is 80 plus, Gloria Steinem 89. Steinem who is on a tour of Zambia says older people are “past worries about job, family, saving for the future – this is the future!”

Ninety is the new 60.

Collins wrote, “It’s clearly dumb to treat the…..older as a doddering puppet of great-great grandparents.”

“Doddering” I am not. My head is still as good as it was at 40. My body like a car. It breaks down as it ages. Must keep having it fixed. Hopefully the problems continue to be fixable.

Collins reminds us to keep in mind that Biden in his 80’s is better than DeSantis who is 44. She claims DeSantis “is giving youth a bad name.”

Right she is!

Key West lover and frequent visitor Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson wrote about Republicans and abortion in today’s newspaper: “Republicans’ Longtime Opposition To Abortion Is Coming Back To Haunt Them.”

The column’s opening line: “Be careful what you wish for. Republican zealots spent decades trying to erase the Constitutional right to abortion. Last year, they finally succeeded – and now they are reaping the whirlwind.”

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). A smart woman. One of tomorrow’s leaders. Re the debt ceiling, she says Republicans are too much of themselves to negotiate with on the budget and debt ceiling. She refers to Republicans as “that”: “Negotiating with that is like trying to nail jello to a tree.”

Researchers have predicted a slightly below average hurricane season. Hope they are correct.

Hurricanes are fickle. They are wind. Sailing fans understand. The wind changes constantly and radically. You never really know when and how strong.

May the researchers be correct. If wrong, on the side of less being even more less.

Citizens’ Voice this morning. Words of wisdom: “Help fix this crisis or we won’t have any more service people! Those of you financially comfortable enough to offer long-term affordable housing for locals, please do so! Especially if you have a one unit or studio accessory dwelling, show your love for the island and rent it for less than $2,000. Save Key West!”

Last night Brady’s!

I went to Sally O’Brien’s for dinner. Not Sally O’Brien’s anymore. Brady’s!

Same place, same menu, same help.

Enjoyed wings and onion rings. A soul satisfying meal.

Met two new people. Spent quite a while chatting with them. Paul and Dina.

Paul and Dina knew each other. Were not together, however. One sat on one side of me, the other the opposite side.

Dina’s name immediately struck me as interesting. Same first name as Dina Markis who I had dinner with twice last week. Dina and her husband Theos my friends from Greece.

Dina’s husband is having some heart problems. Scheduled for a heart catherization. Paul and I comforted her. We both have had heart catherizations. No big deal.

Paul a CPA. An interesting person. Close to retirement. We covered a multitude of situations. Especially family.

I look forward to visiting with both again.

Needed gas. Shortage still exists at some stations. Could not get any till I hit the third station.

Busy day ahead. Sloan at noon. I have been up since 5 working on the blog. It will be 2 this afternoon or later before I can pack it in and grab a mid afternoon nap.

Enjoy your day!

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