I don’t knw what smells more. The sargassum building up on Key West beaches or the revelations coming to a head about Supreme Court Justices. First there was Clarence Thomas. Then Neil Gorsuch. Now the Chief Justice himself, John Roberts.

Jane Roberts is the Chief Justice’s wife. She earned $10.3 million as a legal consultant for elite top law firms from 2007-2014. She was employed by the lawyer search firm Major Lindsey & Africa. The gross fees paid the firm were $13.3 million. Jane Roberts received from that amount $10.3 million in commissions.

She was the firm’s top earner.

She joined the firm 2 years after her husband became Chief Justice.

The information broke yesterday. A co-employee at Major by the name of Kendal Price filed a whistleblower complaint. The complaint noted that at least one law firm she had placed an attorney with had a case before the Chief Justice. He wants “public scrutiny” of Jane’s income given the influential position of her husband.

The stench a sickening one.

I warned last week when writing about Clarence Thomas that he was only the first of other matters that would come to light re other Justices. Not because I was privy to anything. However, one rotten apple in a barrel means there are others. Within days, Gorsuch popped up. Now the Chief Justice’s wife.

Which Justice will be next? Guaranteed there will be more.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has a vile tongue. She is despicable to the core. She is considered the leading candidate for the Vice President position on a Trump ticket.

Her mouth exposed her inner nature once again this week.

She was examining Randi Weingarten at a Congressional hearing. Weingarten is the President of the American Federation of Teachers. Weingarten married a woman who had two children. Weingarten adopted the two children.

Greene attacked her motherhood: “People like you need to admit that you’re just a political activist…..not a mother.” Boiled down means a step mom or adoptive mother is lacking in some regard as are the children themselves. Greene’s attack boiled down to…..You are not a mother!

Michael Steele is a familiar figure on TV talk shows. Especially MSNBC. He took it as a personal affront her disparaging Weingarten for not being a “biological mother.” He issued a tweet: “Well, the woman who adopted me, cared for me, raised me, educated me and at 95 still smiles when I walk in the room didn’t need biology to be my mother.”

Yesterday on Morning Joe, Steele reminded everyone that a little boy named Jesus had a step father, not a biological one.

Big Key West news! Dion’s sold to Circle K.

The question on everyone’s mind: Will Circle K continue to sell Dion’s famous “Dion’s chicken?” Popular and tasty. Even I occasionally treat myself to a few pieces.

A yesterday Citizens’ Voice comment: “Why are saw-off shotguns considered more dangerous than assault rifles? Sawed-off shotguns were banned nationally in the 1930’s and that passed the Second Amendment test. The NRA has fewer than 5 million members and we let them dictate policy by their donations to politicians.”

Sargassum mentioned earlier. A smelly substance.

Sargassum is a leafy seaweed coming up from South America. Already on Keys beaches. Also considered an algae.

Heavier so far than in previous times. Requires raking one time a day. The raking expected to increase to two times a day as the invasion becomes greater.

Sargassum is like a protected species. Cannot be harvested till it reaches shores because it provides crucial environmental benefits for many marine species. The floating sargassum serves as a shelter and breeding ground for fish, crabs, and endangered sea turtles.

As the sargassum washes ashore and begins to decompose, it degrades water quality and pollutes beaches. The decaying algae releases ammonium and hydrogen sulfur. Result is an unpleasant odor like rotten eggs and can irritate the eyes, nose and throat. The hydrogen sulfide is especially dangerous. Poses worrisome reparatory health risks.

Aristotle said: “We make war that we may live in peace.”

Sort of true. Depends which side you’re on.

Another great evening at La Te Da. Dinner with Steve and Cindy Thompson last night. A long evening. We drank champagne and talked about everything.

Steve and Cindy were especially excited. They spent their wedding night in 1982 at La Te Da.

Busy afternoon. Sloan at noon. Going to prepare for some Jack Baron stories I want to begin this week.

Enjoy your day!

3 comments on “OH, THE STENCH

  1. The Stench touches all Republicans.

    Republicans are no longer the adults in the room, they are now the stench in America.

    Those that support Republican with their vote, are the undermining America.

    Stop this stench, vote the bums out and actually make America great again.

    • Jack Baron is what Key West used to be about. Today’s tourists are more about “where can I get a Mexican taco and a cold brewsky”

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