No one is safe any longer. Death and injury have become too commonplace. Today, Speaker Pelosi’s husband. Yesterday, blacks and school children. Tomorrow, Jews.

We are a nation out of control. Trump let the vermin out of the their holes.

The solution? Vote! Get rid of the Republican Party that has crossed over the line and permits and encourages these activities. If the people do not recognize the evil for what it is, the remaining alternative will be outright civil war.

January 6 was close to 2 years ago. Hundreds have been arrested. Mostly the small guys, the followers. Time to go after those at the top. Time is wasting. Two groups must be sought out. The political leaders and the money bags who support what is happening. Those who foster the evil.

It may already be too late. It takes forever to prosecute, convict and jail. At least 2 years. Could be 4 with appeals. In the meantime, the bad guys continue to get their way. Once the top guys are toppled, the body will fall.

Tonight the Fantasy Fest parade. As many as 60,000 will line Duval. I have always wondered where they sleep. There are not enough beds between here and Marathon to hold them.

Back when, I thought how much fun it would be to be on a float. The opportunity arose some 20 years ago. My good friend Howard Livingston asked me to join him on a float he had prepared. I jumped at the chance!

One time was enough. Never again.

A float can be work. The one I was on was. I was totally exhausted at the end of the evening.

There were about 70 floats in the parade that year. We were number 64. It took 2-3 hours to make the trip. The first floats had finished before we even began.

Howard had purchased 30,000 strings of beads. There were at least a dozen of us on the float. We threw 22,000 to the crowd.

Howard had it organized. We kept one arm extended. He had people running to “reload” our arms with beads as they ran out.  The other arm was used to throw.

Throwing was initially exciting. Show me this, show me that had its pleasures. After a while, became work.

I noticed as we moved down Duval there were many in wheel chairs who were not getting any beads. I changed my modus operandi. Threw beads only to those in wheel chairs and on crutches.

The first portion of the trip was down Whitehead to Front. Then Front to Duval. The world changed the moment we hit Duval. It was like entering the mouth of a whale. The crowd and noise devoured us.


My game plan was to hit La Te Da after the parade to party. Never made it. I was too exhausted. Found my car and drove home.

A good experience. However as indicated earlier, a one time experience.

The flu season is upon us. Flu season 2022 has begun early. Experts say its severity is the worst in 13 years.

If you have not, get a flu shot! Don’t be stupid! Flu is non discriminatory. It kills as well as making one ill.

The first game of the World Series over. The Phillies beat the Astros 6-5.

The interesting thing about the game is that the Astros initially had a 5 run lead.

At noon today, Syracuse/Notre Dame. Syracuse a 10 point favorite. Whatever, I don’t care. As long as Syracuse wins. Though my heart tells me Syracuse will defeat the Irish by much more than 10 points.

Over the years, I have closed the blog with: Enjoy your day! Many have been critical. Wondering how I could suggest that when many of the things I wrote about were of an unpleasant nature.

I have decided to change my closing. To something hopefully more fitting: Be well!

So au revoir, auf Wiedersehen, good bye to Enjoy your day! Hello to Be well!

Be well!


6 comments on “NO ONE IS SAFE

  1. I think you are right Lou, the only way we can fix America is to soundly and completely defeat those who are preaching hate and violence.

    Voting them out is the ONLY way to change their tune.

  2. Actually, I like “Enjoy your day!” that seems more appropriate to me and not at all in any way derogatory or disrespectful. Where as “Be well” seems gratuitous and insincere.

  3. I don’t think it matters Lou, nobody pays any attention to a sign off anyway. Why don’t you just say “Lou”and leave it at that. Or, if you must something like “that’s it for today.”

  4. Yes i am a troll so all you commenters who have to comment when anyone disagrees with Lou can just relax. Lou if you think that only the Republicans are responsible for the unrest in our country- then your head is as deep in the sand as those Trumpers who think the election was stolen.

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