Steve Thompson wrote about the first Fantasy Fest parade. He was proud of Cindy’s attire. Related to me everyone thought she looked terrific. He mentions Cindy in his recollection of the parade.

I remember the first Fantasy Fest. I believe it was one of the best. 

It was so dead for so long around here. We needed something to kick off the year. Tony and Bill from Fast Bucks came to the rescue. They put in many hours and built the best float too.

Those first few years were really great. There was some nudity, but none overweight.

I had a white standard poodle that looked like a sheep. My wife Cindy went as Little Bo Peep.

La Ti Da had a pink Cadillac convertible with a big sign. “Let them eat croissants” was their line. So they threw out croissants to everybody there. My dog Harry ate more than his share.

Cindy and Harry made it on the Poster that year.

That was forty years ago, now we stay clear.

Toga party last night!

For some reason, I was very tired. I was in bed and asleep at 8. Unusual for me.

Apparently I was the only one.

Received an e-mail from Tom Dixon in Buffalo this morning. He watched the festivities on Sloppy Joe’s cam last night. Filled me in. A voyeur in his own right. His observation: “Many togas do not cover everything.”

My housekeeper Sylvia is in this morning. She is the last one I would expect her and her husband to be on Duval in front of Sloppy Joe’s last night. They were there! She told me they will be back tonight and tomorrow night. They do Fantasy Fest every year.

My sole venture outside the house was at 2 in the afternoon. Tammy’s for a manicure and pedicure. The place was deserted. Like a morgue. Asked her why. She explained it is this way every year during Fantasy Fest. Her business is local and they are all working extra hours during Fantasy Fest.

She explained next week will be different. They are already overbooked.

Trump and DeSantis have become mortal enemies. Bess Levin wrote about it in an article published yesterday in Vanity Fair: Trump Plans To F–K Over Ron DeSantis Two days Before the Midterm Elections.

Levin’s comments included: “The ex-president…..despises the Florida governor.”

Trump has scheduled a rally in Miami the sunday before elections.

Levin reported: “DeSantis is pissed.” A DeSantis aid told her DeSantis feels Trump is placing “an elbow to his throat.”

I believe the two deserve each other. Neither is of value to the people they have represented, represent or hope to represent. Let them kill each other off.

Tampa Bay lost last night. To Baltimore. Tampa Bay’s record now 3-5.

All about Tom Brady. He’s screwed up. The split with his wife. It is affecting his game.

The way life is. Emotional problems can be a killer.

I feel badly for Brady. His wife and the children, also. Marital woes are disruptive. I know.

Exxon yesterday announced a record breaking third quarter profit. The most lucrative quarter Exxon has ever had: $19.66 billion.

Exxon should shout a loud THANK YOU to the American public AND drop prices to help reduce inflation.

What’s a few billion dollars to Exxon? Compares insignificantly to the few dollars it would permit American drivers to pocket every week.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Trump got DeSantss elected – DeSantiss got Trump Florida residency.

    Now each is trying to destroy each other, only a few years on.

    See, there is a God

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