Big day for Syracuse football. Syracuse v. Clemson. Battle of the undefeated.

Clemson a 2 touchdown favorite.

I don’t know who will win. Of course I am pulling for Syracuse. Kick off at noon. The better team will be public knowledge later this afternoon.

Goombay began last night. Can’t share anything about it. I was not there and will not be. The walk too much for me. Whatever, a terrific event. Two evenings of family and neighborly fun.

On this day in 1962, President John Kennedy went on national TV with fearful news. U.S. planes had discovered Soviet missile bases in Cuba. Under construction, not yet complete.

The news and what followed over the next few days extremely scary for the American people. Nuclear war a distinct possibility.

It was kitchen table husband and wife discussions. How do we handle the situation? What about the children? Though young, they could sense something was amiss. We held them closer.

Utica is 14 miles from Rome. Rome was home to the Griffiss Air Force Base, a SAC base. Any war and Griffiss would be one of the first to be hit with an atomic bomb. If such occurred, my family and I would be instantaneously wiped out.

A year earlier, Kennedy spoke before the U.N. General Assembly. He said, “Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.” Russia did not get the message.

A federal appeals court has temporarily blocked Biden’s student loan program just as it was beginning. The stay may be short. Both sides must file papers no later than tuesday. A decision could be forthcoming within a matter of 7-10 days.

Biden’s program involves forgiving $10,000 in some instances, $20,000 in others. In a few, the entire debt.

Those opposing the Biden program are 6 Republican states.

It is amazing how Republicans can take this position. Republicans when in power or able to do so, pass huge tax cuts. Tax cuts that primarily benefit the rich. Trump did it big time during his  term in office.

This same political party now begrudges a minor cut in student loan debt. Debt carried by the relatively poor as opposed to the very rich who benefit all the time from tax cuts.

Kevin McCarthy this past week indicated that if Republicans took control of Congress in the elections scheduled in less than 3 weeks, there would be cuts in Social Security and Medicare.

A new label for those Republicans who oppose student loan cuts and want to cut Social Security and Medicare: Pigs, mean pigs.

A recent revelation re the Mar-a-Lago documents. Seems to be a new revelation every week. All bad for Trump.

No question certain of the documents contained “highly sensitive” information. “Secret information” about Iran and China. Information as “bad as it can get.”

Query? Why did Trump take such secret information with him to Mar-a-Lago? Did he intend to make Mar-a-Lago a profit operation? Did he plan on selling the information?

Whatever the motivation, the odds of Trump being criminally charged have accelerated as a result.

It is reported the information re Iran described “Iran’s missile program.”

Intelligence experts describe the information overall “so sensitive” because it endangers human resources aiding U.S. intelligence efforts, compromises collection efforts, and could lead to adversaries retaliating against the U.S.

Steve Bannon received a 4 month jail sentence. I would have given him more. At least one year. He deserves as much for his open and frequent rejection of the law. He placed himself above the law. Told everyone he was so doing. Probably never expected to be punished for it.

Bannon considered himself “special.” He did not have to follow the law, no matter how simple, as most others are required.

Amazing how his attitude is similar to that of Donald Trump. These men consider themselves a law unto themselves.

Enjoy your day!


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