A guest on Morning Joe this morning made the comment: “Bad things happen to good countries.” So true. Look at where we are.

The comment was inspired during a discussion of the Paul Pelosi attack.

The U.S. is going through horrible times. We survive, or end up like Hitler’s Germany. The nation ruled by Trump or someone comparable to him.

Even Donald Jr. has seen fit to get into the act. He issued on social media last night a picture of a pair of Haines underwear and a hammer. The suggestion/inference being Pelosi might have been involved in a homosexual relationship of sorts with his assailant. A rumor being spread yesterday over social media.


Pelosi’s attack occurred close to Halloween. Another negative event occurred many years ago during Halloween. A good 50 years ago. Factually different. Just as sick, however.

Our 4 children were very young. Probably 4-8 years old. Excited to be out tricking or treating Halloween night. The media had forewarned parents. Beware! Mental deviates planned on putting common pins in candy and cookies and razor blades in apples. Items to be given to children as they visited homes.

I hawked my kids as I walked with them. Permitted them to accept all kinds of goodies. Immediately to be placed in their bags. Not to be eaten till Daddy or Mommy approved.

When we got home, we spread the “goodies” on the family room floor and examined each one. It was taking forever and we could not be sure our examinations were perfect. So we threw everything out.

The kids were exhausted by this time. Helped make them good troopers about the whole thing.

A hammer to Paul Pelosi’s head and common pins and razor blades in children’s Halloween goodies comparable evils.

There were 35 floats in the Fantasy Fest parade saturday night. An accurate estimate as to number of spectators not available. KeysNews does not print till tomorrow. At the moment the number suggested is in the “tens of thousands.”

Victor Rodriguez is Police Chief of McAllen, Texas. Part of the Rio Grande Valley. In the middle of the “border crisis.”

Chief Rodriguez announced the crime problem is not as is being represented. He claims: “Violence has gone down year after year since 2020, no matter what the fearmongers are selling.”

He provided numbers to support his position. Reported crime down for the 13th consecutive year and the present crime rate the lowest in 37 years.

The FBI agreed.

There are seats in Hell waiting for Putin and Trump. Next to Hitler.

Putin’s present approach to the Ukraine problem he created is if he can’t take the Ukraine, he will break it. In certain Ukraine areas, Putin has destroyed water and power systems. Ukrainian people are drinking water out of puddles in the streets.

Children will be out tricking and treating tonight. Drivers be careful. In my old age, I have taken to remaining in Halloween evenings. Not so much to greet those knocking on my door. Rather to be sure I don’t run over anyone.

Not that anyone will be knocking on my door tonight. I live far back in the golf course in the Sanctuary section. No one ever gets this far back. Most living in the area itself are seniors or those without children.

I lived in Key Haven for 23 years. A somewhat affluent community. As evidenced by how parents viewed the neighborhood.

Key Westers drove children in large vans and the back of pick up trucks from Key West to Key Haven. Why not! The goodies were the best in the lower Keys. The kids were dropped off, did their thing and returned eventually to the vehicles that had brought them.

Many living on Key Haven did it up big for the little ones. Some even set up tables on their front lawns loaded with goodies.

I miss Halloween. Enjoyed walking with my children back in Utica. Walked with Lisa and Corey as they walked Robert and Ally in Key West.

I am out of little ones.

Be well.


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