The wonder of it all! Only in Key West! Men and women alike! Wearing tutus!

One of the Fantasy Fest events tonight is Tutu Pre-Party. Skirted persons will march the streets stopping at specified bars to imbibe. Oh, what a night it will be!

I went out last night. I had no intention of going downtown. Sloan was to be at my home at 5. We had a ton of work to do. At 4:45, Comcast/Infinity failed. Everything. No computer, TV or land line. So much for Sloan and I working. I called her off.

I can’t live without TV or internet. Need one or the other. My only remaining option was the Chart Room.

Glad I went! Enjoyed myself!

John bartending. Only ono other person. Jeff. Within an hour, the bar had a good crowd.

Steve and Cindy arrived. Monday is their night at the Chart Room.

We chatted with a couple from upper Florida who were seated next to us.

Everyone at the bar was talking tutu. Even John. I don’t think Steve and Cindy. What they were wearing, how they were going to handle the evening, etc.

I won’t be joining. Not the tutu type. Will spend the evening at home. Hope I can get Sloan so we can take care of the work that is piling up.

Driving home my stomach started to rumble. I was hungry. Stopped at Hogfish to grab something.

Sat at the bar. Fellow next to me looked familiar. I had played bocce against him for years. Name, James. Good conversation. One of the bartenders I had not seen in years. She worked at Don’s Place at the outside bar. Her name escapes me.

She filled me in on Don news. Don survived his cancer problems. Retired and living in Chicago. Recently returned for a visit. Fat. Surprising. Never was. Disposition good. He’s happy.

I will have to get in touch.

It was lobster bisque and key lime pie for me. Bisque fantastic as usual. The pie horrible.

Key West has had many successful industries. They come and go, however. Cigars for example. In 1923 there were 25 cigar factories producing more than 60 million cigars a year. Today, no cigar factories. All that remains are a few stands on the street where old men sit and roll by hand for sale to passerbys.

We are going through an era of bad judges. Especially at the Supreme Court level.

Clarence Thomas one of the worst. I have not been a fan of his since the day he was elevated. It was obvious he did not have the requisite talent. His color got him the position. His more than 25 years on the bench have proven his lack of judicial ability.

He blew it again. Yesterday by not routinely dismissing Lindsay Graham’s emergency application to the Supreme Court. Graham wants the subpoena served upon him in the Georgia vote fraud matter to be set aside. He does not want to testify before the Grand Jury re two telephone calls.

Two lower courts had already dismissed Graham’s application and said he had to testify. Thomas’ action now delays the matter and leaves it up to the entire Court. Good luck for the rule of law!

Thomas had a decided conflict of interest. He could have recused himself. He should have. His wife is involved with an “interest” in the matter as has already been evidenced.

Another federal judge had a sensitive matter before him yesterday and handled it judiciously. Quite the opposite from Thomas.

The Judge a Federal District Court one. Emmett Sullivan.

Michael Flynn was before him for sentencing. The charge was lying to federal officials. He pled guilty a year ago and promised cooperation.

Apparently both sides thought he had cooperated sufficiently. The prosecution and defense agreed to a minor guilty plea and no jail time.

Judge Sullivan did not buy it. He refused to accept the plea and deal. He in effect gave Flynn a “new asshole.”

The good Judge Sullivan said, “I’m not hiding my disgust.” He expressed his “disdain” for Flynn. Unequivocally said to Flynn, “You sold out your country.”

Nothing further happened. Flynn’s attorney asked for a continuance when Judge Sullivan said he was not sure he was going ahead with the “deal.” The matter was adjourned.

We need more Sullivans and fewer, if not none, Thomas’.

Judge Sullivan reminds me of a Judge with similar toughness and honesty some fifty years ago. Judge John Sirica. The Watergate Judge. He sensed wrongdoing and would not go along with a white washing. Men went to jail, Nixon resigned.

What I am about to share I find hard to believe. Guess I should not.

Rolling Sone and Bess Levin of Vanity Fair claim Trump is actually plotting to steal the midterm elections: “Rolling Stone claims Trump has convened lawyers and advisers to scheme how to challenge the results in November if they do not go his way.”

Trump does not appear concerned he is already under criminal investigation by the Department of Justice for attempting to steal the 2020 election. Perhaps he is without fear. Why not, he so far has gotten away with everything wrong he has attempted.

Enjoy your day!

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